You already should have heard about the problems of Silver Islands rebels from Barnabas while traveling around the in-game world onboard the ship. They are passionate, driven people whose bloodlust comes from complementary desires for revenge and Spartan glory. Grin and Bear It Walkthrough Don't forget to ram at ships to sink them. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. This is a better option compared to having to fight him. Find out the enemies' positions and which route is the best to take in infiltrating the Leader's house with Ikaros. I can hope. Mallet of Everlasting Flame (Heavy Blunt), Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon (Heavy Bladed), 【Genshin Impact】Star Of Destiny - Co-op Event Guide, 【Genshin Impact】Unusual Hilichurls Location, Follow the marker to the shore to talk to Thaletas, Complete the Paint the Sand Red Side Quest, Talk to the Spartan Polemarch in Mykonos' beach, Follow the marker to talk to Thaletas at Mykonos' beach, Kill 3 Marked Athenian Commanders in the Silver Islands, Return to Thelates at the Sanctuary of Apollo, Find Thaletas near the Birthplace of Apollo, Follow Thaletas to the Archegesion of Delos then talk to him, Investigate the Abandoned House for clues, Go to the Leader's House and steal the doll, Complete the Kyra with a Cause Side Quest, Complete the Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money Side Quest, Burn the military supplies in the Old Ruins in Delos Island, Head to the Miltiades Fort in north of Tavern Point, Talk to the bleeding woman behind the Temple of Apollo, Choose whether to turn her to the authorities or not. Will I one day sneak into a Spartan fort and find him patrolling with a Polemarch’s symbol floating above his head, just another thoughtless target standing in the way between my character’s goals and his feelings? This will also help your escape as no one will be there to notice you. Naxos Island - Side Quest List & Walkthrough, Petrified Islands - Side Quest List & Walkthrough, Southern Sporades - Side Quest List & Walkthrough. Choose to be less understanding of her situation and she will jump from the cliff. The Silver Islands may be a series of side quests that don’t really affect the main story, but the emotional impact of losing a friend and a lover stayed with me as a player for the rest of the game. Unlike the game’s other sex options, the romantic interests actually have something to lose by falling for the misthios (i.e., the player character). All Rights Reserved..All trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. Does he miss Alexios? To start, the romances feel earned and real. Just kill the commanders and you'll finish the quest. Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. (The option to go buck wild on a threesome is floated in some of the game’s text but is always left unrealized. It’s possible to play the Silver Islands questline without getting laid at all. In order to meet Kyra, you Completing Call to Arms will lock out all the Kyra's side quests and Thalates' side quests. 75 hours into playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it’s Thaletas I’m still thinking about. Thaletas was promoted to the rank of general and begged Alexios to return with him to Sparta. 'Assassin's Creed Odyssey' Review: a stunning, mythic adventure of Olympic proportions, WATCH: 5 incredible features coming to 'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey'. Kill Them – If you kill them there is no one to report back … or Thaletas would turn up in one of Odyssey’s upcoming DLC stories as a way to acknowledge how dearly Alexios cared for them, but the current ending is probably the smart way to go. Regardless of who is chosen, an element of Greek tragedy arises. Barnabas informs you about receiving a message from the rebels calling for help. If you pick Kyra, she will task you with going to Delos to … Thaletas is a quick brawler with dual wield swords so be sure to dodge his fast attacks and put distance between you when you heal. He's tough and his double mace packs quite a punch so make sure to time your dodges then retaliate! Each attack has a cooldown so it's better to alternate between them to do the most damage you can! This archipelago comprises Delos and Mykonos. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. If you let the Prisoner go, he will return in A Night to Remember to kill Thaletas. Mashable, Inc. All Rights Reserved. These are Kyra and Thaletas, and when the player character arrives to aid their rebellion, their story becomes one of Odyssey's best and most tragic arcs. After affirming their feelings for the misthios and expressing a desire to continue with their relationship, the great love story of Mykonos nearly always ends badly. Use finisher moves to end the fight quickly. During your toast, Thaletas' wine will be poisoned and he will die there. Completing Call to Arms will lock out all the Kyra's side quests and Thalates' side quests.. Do not do this side quest first if you want to complete the quest line.

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