No matter how much I’ve tried to fix this by adding humidity is has not changed enough. So, first question: Is it true? One such tool is a combo gauge created specially for guitar. Required fields are marked *. The other thing that a high action can do is affect your intonation. You can get some idea of what is considered normal in the how to measure the action section below. Sure wish I could make head or tails of these measurements. They dude was pretty straight with me and quoted a price of $15-$20 to work on the bridge. They reproduced the sound easily, but insisted it was no big deal. Filing down the nut slots is bad advice. To mitigate these two issues, I decided to try a feeler gauge used primarily in the automotive industry for measuring the gaps in the spark plugs. I bought one from a local Harbor Freight Tools store, it worked just fine and I liked it even better. I, Piso17 [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons, Filed Under: Guitar Care Tuning Restringing, Setup. The next step is to either loosen or remove the strings. The neck can be removed just the finger board is glued to the top and in 2004 they added a tapered shim to the heel to body yet if I just remove the strings and leave the finger board glued on I may end up with a fall away which may make things worse. I realize the U.S. kind of lags behind the world in its retrogressive refusal to adopt the metric system. I’ve since change the strings (same gauge) and they’re buzzing something awful, (height of only, 0.8mm on low E and about 0.6mm at 12th fret. Last updated: June 14, 2019 by Nate 6 Comments. If your top sinks (usually because of the humidity being too low and your guitar drying out) then the strings will become too close to the frets and may cause fret buzz. If you do it right, I promise you that your acoustic guitar will feel like a whole new guitar! From surfing the web (and comparing it to my Alvarez), I knew the action was just a skosh too high. It’s more about playability. Watch videos from stew mac, they’re pros and most of their videos can be understood and done by anyone. I’d be curious to know the results. Be well, bro! Bass E (sixth): 0.09″ at 12th fret; 0.014″ at first fret The lower the action (e.g. If there is a string buzz that means you filed down too much. Maton (Australia brand incredible guitars) make all his guitars for him to spec but he will always adjust it when he gets it. The factory settings could be off by a mile. Thanks to Ukulele Music for the shout out! On the most basic level, displacing a string by a greater distance (be it horizontal or vertically) requires more sustained force, so higher action will be inherently more challenging for beginning players who have not built up much finger strength. Though if you are only adjusting the bridge or the nut, then it’s not the end of the world if you get it wrong – worst comes to worst you’ll have to get new ones – which is a pain and a bit of an expense but not critical. When you find the blade that will slide on top of the fret and just touch the string without noticeably moving it up then that blade represents the height of the gap. Understanding some of the factors that influence the pros’ preferences can help you zero in on the right string action for your playing style. Very few accomplished players, however, have their guitars set up with “factory default” string action. Thanks for visiting. I’m wondering if the truss rod needs to be adjusted.. Any thoughts? Action is like my American strat neck on all of my acoustic guitars. Even with that, it’s considered relatively low for classical guitar, mainly because I don’t play pure classical music and non-plugged acoustic concerts where it’s necessary to project clear loud sound without any kind of amplification. Each “blade” has a thickness written on it. I’m considering sanding the saddle, but will never touch the truss rod since I’ve screwed up several guitars doing that. This distance plays a key role in your setup because it determines the ease in which your guitar can be played. Also I have lowered action slightly too much on purpose and then adjusted neck curve slightly away from strings. If it’s just by a hair I think you could build it up, otherwise I suggest buying a new bridge. For my Takamine TC132SC classical guitar, I bought once a couple of compensated tusq saddles from the GraphTech company and was fully satisfied with the results. How does one determine what 2.28 milimeters is? The first thing I check on any guitar is the fret heigts relative to each other. It worked like a charm, Thank you! When I bought my acoustic, I took it to a shop to get it set up. I run out of adjustment with the saddle. I have a vintage Gretsch Wayfarer 1970 and I am having a professional do a complete re-fret and bridge tuning job. Use short pieces of a steel ruler so you can always span three frets and this will show which frets are high.once you have no high frets the chance of fret buzz is mostly eliminated.I always like to see a little neck relief by just sighting down each side of the fingerboard from the peg head. You …, Checking and Adjusting Saddle Height, Beautiful Diversity: Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes and Sizes, Acoustic Guitar Scale Length: What It Is and Why It…, USB-Powered Mini Pedal Board for Acoustic Guitar, Blues-style” vibrato (rapid micro-bending of string) is difficult to generate and can sound “pixelated.”, • Easier to generate “all at once” ringing of a chord strummed with thumb or pick, • Chords can sound “muddy,” without clear articulation of individual notes. Very informative. Only trouble was this: after playing it all day yesterday, my finger tips were nuked! Good enough, without messing up the guitar sustain completely, by lowering the bridge too much. Typically, the relief on any acoustic guitar, measured at the 8th fret, is about 0.05” (1/20”), less than a millimeter and a half. Adjusting the bow of the neck, and hence the relief, can be done by tightening or loosening a guitar’s adjustable truss rod. Glad you liked the post and I hope you found it helpful. My saddle started developing a bevel because I was being hasty (it doesn’t take much).

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