We currently have several vacancies, so please contact us for more information. Science Park 608 B World-renowned researchers as lecturers In doing so, cooperation with external partners will be sought and connected to existing and new initiatives to be set up. Due to COVID-19 in the academic year 2020-2021 part of the education is offered online. Our website uses tracking cookies. If you have any questions, please contact us via info@nlaic.com, Building blocks, News, and Research and Innovation, Building blocks, News, and Startups and Scale-ups, News and Societal acceptance and inclusion, Mobility, Transportation and Logistics and News. Advances in applications, and application domains such as autonomous systems. Normally distance education is not offered as students need to attend lectures and practicals in order to complete the programme successfully. Due to an enormous increase in interest and applications in the Master’s programme Artificial Intelligence, we do not offer a pre-Master’s programme. ?. Theoretical and fundamental aspects related to methods and algorithms and their efficient implementation and correspondent tooling. Eindhoven, 5612 AP Converted to GDP effects, McKinsey calculates that these welfare effects contribute up to 0.4%. Furthermore, there is room for improvement in the area of talent and data availability. Research by McKinsey: Economic and social opportunities of AI for the Netherlands, Being a partner in new investments for AI, Access to relevant contacts and organisations within the Dutch AI arena, A quick start with new initiatives and projects, Joining forces with and learning from others. Founded in 2012, Nijverdal startup SafeSize has raised $3.1 million to develop a shoe recommendation and fitting engine. Artificial Intelligence is closely linked to every kind of promising innovation, from IoT and Industry 4.0 to healthtech, fintech and new approaches to sustainability, aging and education. D-56567 Neuwied, Tel. While VC funding is lagging behind large European cities like London and Paris, numerous startups and a handful of tech giants have established a presence in Amsterdam. The product suite transforms customer data into real-time insights and analytics that can be used to personalize customer experience, deliver marketing campaigns across different channels, and automate marketing efforts across an organization. The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) is legally obliged to ask permission for the use of cookies and to inform you about their use on the site. 1098 XH Amsterdam, Postal address: The roadmap concludes the Netherlands has lost its momentum in AI R&D, and the country needs a structured approach to AI development to attract much-needed funding. These cookies are used to enable students and staff to log in to the site, for example. According to the startup, one in five medicine administrations are wrong in one way or another (wrong patient, wrong time, wrong medication, wrong route, wrong dose) and half of these errors can be caught at the bedside. With CLAIRE, Europe, the Netherlands and the city of The Hague in particular plan to step up the game in terms of investment in talent, research, technology and innovation in AI, with a focus on AI for good and AI for all. ', 'The Netherlands needs AI to maintain relevant and competitive in the world'. TU/e contributions to the AI domain may take several forms: The long-term goal is development of ‘general’ AI, which is capable of performing arbitrary intellectual tasks. The Advisory Board of ICAI consists of representatives from science, industry and government. As an AI Researcher you help our customers to become familiar with identifying, designing and implementing new algorithms. 1 The Special Interest Group of AI, SIGAI, is a special member of , IPN, the ICT Platform Netherlands representing all computing science academic institutes and researchers in the Netherlands that perform AI research. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will strongly shape our future prosperity and well-being. Please upgrade your browser. You help the customer - on location or from the office - from big data to real impact! Technical approach to AI research Imputation of missing data for Smart Product Design (Industrial Design & Computer Science). While not too long ago China was though of as a manufacturing country, the … Read about 7 stocks that give you true pure-play exposure to AI in our guide to investing in AI healthcare companies, freely available to. We focus on the theoretical foundations, the limits of feasibility, and efficient and scalable realization of AI methodologies and techniques. People who are Principal Investigators, Grad Students, Researchers and Associates among others are part of this lab. Sounds similar to a Danish firm called Veo which we covered in our recent article on smart sports stadiums. Key Topics. The ICAI Head Office is responsible for the day-to-day business; it is located at Amsterdam Science Park. On the main Open House website you can discover all our programmes, explore the city and campus, and get inspired during our theme weeks. The AI research group will closely collaborate with those groups and researchers. (Nothing like taking a slew of typo-ridden tweets from a bunch of nobodies, slapping them into an article, then calling it “journalism.”). The Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) is a national initiative focused on joint talent and technology development between academia, industry and government in the area of artificial intelligence. With a new AI roadmap laid out, more and more Dutch AI startups should be able to attract even more international VC dollars. Others think about windmills, tulips, and bikes. One way of doing so is by investing 1,5 billion euros into Artificial Intelligence research, in the hope that this will encourage European professionals to work in Europe. AI has always been ‘specialized’, focusing on arriving at the best decisions and strategies in different application contexts, with little real-world perception and understanding. CLAIRE was launched in 2018 as a bottom-up initiative by the European AI community and aims for “brand recognition” similar to CERN. In the labs, ICAI’s partners create innovative AI-applications, attract and develop talent, and distribute AI-knowledge for companies and organizations in the form of technology products and tools, train corporate employees through dedicated courses, and simultaneously maintain a connection with other world-level science centers. Each lab collaborates with one or more external partner(s) (non)profit. Doctoral students work with the partner 1 to 2 days a week. With the NL AIC, the Netherlands has laid a foundation for strong public-private partnerships with a learning approach. Your email address will not be published. For best experience please turn on javascript and use a modern browser! You are encouraged to regularly present and discuss your work with your fellow students and staff members. It is a powerful tool to improve our international competitive position and helps solve economic and societal issues. In order to realize this potential growth, it is important that the Netherlands increases its focus on this area. Exploring the latest innovations within AI & Big Data, and covering the impact it has across industry sectors. Because during the NL AIC event for participants, McKinsey & Company published their report on the economic potential of AI for the Netherlands. from all AI research institutes in the Netherlands. However, this requires the development of a responsible and transparent approach to the use of AI, which is an important topic for Europe, the Netherlands and The Hague in particular. All courses are taught by world-renowned researchers who are experts in their field. McKinsey indicates in which areas the Netherlands can improve. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You will get a virtual tour of the campus and the opportunity to ask a student all your questions. Founded in 2008, Amsterdam startup Pyramid Analytics has raised $41.5 million in funding to develop an enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) platform that employs machine learning. Process-aware AI (Industrial Engineering & Computer Science). The Netherlands scores the 11th place worldwide and in comparison to the comparable countries in the regional study on the 4th place. The company provides instant quotes on their website using machine learning algorithms that utilize data from over 1.5 million previously sourced parts to provide highly accurate estimates of both time and cost.

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