Also, they manufacture the Allswell mattress overseas. It ranks at a 4.5 on the firmness scale, putting it just half a point below a perfect medium. This hybrid mattress has added a lot of features that the brand claims provide customers with a premium night’s sleep. For more information please see our disclosure page. If you sleep on your stomach however, this mattress may not be a comfortable fit for you over the long haul. As well as being targeted to people with a more active lifestyle and need help recovering from their long days. The mattress also has a denser feel that lets you change position easily and won’t engulf you, leading to a much cooler nights sleep. The bed does notably well at venting itself out. The mattress also features a quilted cover padded with 1 inch of foam. The Allswell Mattress also features a memory foam comfort layer that conforms to a minimal extent, and each model provides very good temperature neutrality thanks to strong airflow in the coil layer. The Allswell Luxe Classic Mattress is less thick than the the Bear hybrid mattress by two inches. Both the Allswell Memory Foam Mattress and Bear Hybrid Mattress have very little motion transfer. With memory foam infused cooling gel underneath to make up the third layer. The Allswell White Glove service is a wonderful addition, but the Bear mattresses free shipping is also a very welcome service! Making it easier for you to make the best choice for your bedroom. It gave us a pretty ideal level of comfort and is easily suggested for people that like to vary the way they sleep. *Please keep in mind that neither mattress can withstand long edge sitting, and this will cause the support to wear down faster. The Bear Hybrid Mattress may not have special service but does offer free shipping. Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review Breakdown. Allow the mattress at least 12 hours to air out in an open space. The Bear mattress does feature a tiny bit more movement thanks to its coil layer, but it’s still not enough of a vibration to wake a sensitive sleeper. The Allswell mattress on the other hand, offers a very soft feel, perfect for sleeping away from the edge. The Allswell Memory Foam Mattress is not made with edge support in mine. These are both ideal for single sleepers and couples. Allswell Mattresses: Luxe Hybrid vs Hybrid Review All is well that ends well, as long as it ends with the right mattress; in this case, the Allswell mattresses. You can also add on a mattress protector to your purchase for just $125. We purchased a king Luxe Hybrid king mattress last year (April 22, 2019). As for the prices of these amazing new mattresses, they are extremely reasonable, with the Luxe Hybrid coming in at $585 for a Queen and the Allswell Queen size mattresses selling for only $345. The two mattresses are pretty much tied in this category with the Allswell just barely pulling ahead due to its completely foam interior. The added layer of cooling gel also adds additional comfort. Firmness — The base model is closer to a medium-firm, while Luxe is a true medium, and Supreme is in between. This makes it have a longer processing time, which leads to more off-gassing. *Additionally, Allswell offers its customers curated bedding sets. The Allswell mattress has a flat rate of $25 for shipping and offers the White Glove service as an additional add-on for $99. Read the full Bear Hybrid mattress HERE or buy your new mattress at Allswell Mattresses: Luxe Hybrid vs Hybrid Review All is well that ends well, as long as it ends with the right mattress; in this case, the Allswell mattresses. When it comes to the Allswell mattresses, you have two really great options from one really great mattress company.

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