save hide report. If you aren't, I'd advise waiting until after you have the Gold Serpent's Ring (from Sen's Fortress) and have 10 humanity in the top left (soft humanity). So I just got this after getting the demon's greataxe from the Taurus Demon,Im very lucky today it seems. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Not for the gear I don't think. Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:19 pm. 8 Moonlight Greatsword A great option for intelligence builds, The Moonlight Greatsword is the best sword option for magic users against enemies. Close. The weapon can be obtained early on from Balder Knights but it has a very low drop rate, so it's advised to wear the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring while farming it. Im_a_squid (Topic Creator) 8 years ago #3. convince yourself you want the shield or decide you're going to level up strength. It could take literally hours and you can get a bestoc, zwei, claymore, scimitar and rapier before then so if its just a desire to have a good weapon - no but if you want a sexy f***ing weapon - yes.]. It's not supposed to be incredibly common. Anonymous. Ive gotten this sword on most of my characters and its never taken me more than an hour to farm, usually around 20 min or so with the absolute worst being an hour. It is one of the lightest weapons outside of the thrusting sword class, and drastically outdamages that weapon type. Infinite souls glitch update on Patch 1.03 still working? Farm for it off the two sword Balder Knights at the top of Sen's Fortress if you had no luck in the beginning. The adaptability of the weapon is enough to make the act of tediously farming it worthwhile. They just drop shards more frequently. :). Why not just fix the queelags fury sword? Seriously, it'll take forever ESPECIALLY if you don t have the GSR. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Balder Side Sword [DKS Wiki] Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki 4 . Should get it faster. Where've you been farming them? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. With 410 Item Discovery, rest at the bonfire, leave the bonfire area, head right from the top of the stairs, and kill the two Balder Knights there (previously guarding the Flame Stoneplate Ring ). While it's supposed to be incredibly common, I've gone throne three playthroughs without it ever dropping--even with GSR and buffed humanity. That said, the longsword is a lot easier to get (you can buy it at the nearby blacksmith). If you're insistant on getting it early on at least have 10 soft humanity. [] Wiki says it's a rare item. Balder side sword is so ridiculously light that a lot of people will overlook the BSS's slightly sub par damage because it means fast rolling with the most poise possible. I'm not sure on the drop rate of the sword but those two things will really help. Gwyn and Kalameet left and I'm still contantly floored how much that R2 hits for. That's about an hour farming, on average. The funny thing is when I finally got it to drop I went ahead and killed the other two knights that were remaining for shits and giggles, and I ended up getting three drops during that single run. Baller Swag for the win. Balder Side Sword [DKS Wiki] Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki 5 . Took me an hour or two to grind it last playthrough at 10 humanity without gold serpent or SoA. Yeah, I probably have at least one on every playthrough without even bothering to grind for it. Have you taken the Balderpill yet? :). Not saying that's normal, just putting it out there. Balder Side Sword works very well with the Leo Ring, while Uchgatana is less effective because of slower thrusts.. Uchigatana has Bleed, which can be useful at times.. holy **** i got the bkh first try, bss wtihout even knowing it was a thing, and i just got 2 silver knight swords just going through anor londo, this cartridge is blessed. Anonymous. I got one, along with every Balder armour set piece, from just dicking about with the Balder knights in and around the undead church. I think I'm around SL 50 at this point, but if you are on PS3 and have a high enough soul level, I'd be happy to donate one to you.

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