And while our other long-termers have been stolen left, right and centre, nobody has ever seen fit to bother trying to nick the Beemer! Givi have come to my aid and fitted one of their new V-46 topboxes. Apart from a couple of rusty bolt heads, there's no corrosion on it. Discussion in ' GS Boxers ' started by Csavargó , Aug 2, 2008 . Hopefully, next month I'll have a chance to compare this with a Laser system and chip, and see what the bike makes now with the standard can for a proper comparison. So far, we've tried Pirelli Diablos, Avon AV49/AV50s, Continental Road Attacks, Bridgestone 010s , 014s and 020s, and Metzeler Z6s. Bike 1: 1999 42K miles - private seller, maintained at the local BMW Dealer. A 2002 BMW r1100s - how? First, bad or faulty water pumps that will almost always need to be replaced at some point in the car’s life. The overheating is typically caused by one of two problems. Apart from a couple of flat tyres, it's never let me down or missed a beat. They started with battery problems and I have now replaced the battery (twice) but with a motobins replacement. BMW and Audi seem to share this nuisance in common – among many – but for the 328i that would be that the cars notoriously overheat. But she actually faired better than me. Vines of Guildford (01483 207000) have done a top job of the four services they've undertaken so far. Some of this gain is down to the engine loosening up, as the first figure was from when the bike only had 300 miles on the clock. It has to be said that Bridgestone's 020s offer very similar levels of performance, but I marginally prefer the feel of the Metzelers. I had a pretty lousy finance deal on the k1300r, so I decided to sell up and pay it out. The Baglux harness and tank bag has been doing a top job of transporting my luggage around, but you can't beat hard luggage for security and weather protection. Not to mention the k1300 is a magnet for the boys in blue and only fun when breaking the speed limit by an extra 3 digits. Their loss, I reckon. Seems like the motor is mostly dependable, but when things go wrong they really go wrong, costing $$$. And the Wunderlich Carbon Kevlar engine protectors turned out to be for the wrong bike! The only problems have been a leaking front shock at 20,000 miles, replaced under warranty, and a tendency for the gearbox to jump into a false … This will give me an extra 40mm of legroom at the expense of some ground clearance. I've had a couple of trips down to Le Mans this year, the first to watch the Moto GP (awesome), and the second for the 24-hour car race (crap). This problem should be rectified soon with the fitment of a Wunderlich footpeg lowering kit (Wunderlich offer a huge range of BMW accessories - give their UK importer SPC Motorcycles a call on 01420 588704). Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by Chickenstrip, Apr 24, 2013. Soft, I know, but after three winters on a bike, the lure of a car has become too much. I've also had a chance to get the bike dyno'd with the Remus race can (0870 2402118, £662) fitted. Home Forums Home > Bikes > GSpot (BMW) > GS Boxers > What are the common R1100gs Problems I should look for. The moment you notice any of these issues, call on a professional to help fix your BMW as soon as possible. But while it does offer a reasonable boost to the mid-range over the Remus and the standard system, at the top end it loses out to the Remus by 2.5bhp, with 86bhp compared to the Remus's 88.5bhp and the standard system's 83.3bhp (thanks to Dyno Torque in Birmingham - (0121) 7722453 - for fitting and dyno-ing the systems). If the OP is talking about a R1100RS, then the clutch is a cable and not hydraulic as in the 1150 tranny. It was built based on BMW's venerable R1100 Oilhead Boxer twin cylinder engine, but it was tuned for performance more than other models - better handling, more power and stiffer chassis set it apart from the rest of the boxer bunch. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the BMW 1 Series, for which BMW has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. Some super high mileage bikes have a problem with cam chain tensioner rails breaking and the oil sight glasses popping out, but generally speaking, its a robust engine. Both journeys were hugely enjoyable though, thanks to the excellent roads, scenery and weather. Thanks for all the feedback, guys. From the noise it makes, and with its £925.90 price tag, you'd expect it to give significantly more power than the Remus system I had fitted previously. The most confidence inspiring in terms of grip and feedback are the 014s, although the rear only lasted 2150 miles so you pay the price for it. If the sensor reads a very low temperature, the compressor automatically shuts itself down. Second is that cars love to leak coolant. But losing the 'cat and fitting the Remus has transformed the bike and created a wonderful-sounding exhaust note. I knew nothing about the boxer twins and did a bit of … While it hasn't been the most exciting bike to own, it's made up for this by its real road riding useability. Fortunately I can report that the Beemer comes with a big reserve. ', (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I've been a bit lax in terms of doing what I promised in my last piece. I was also lucky enough to have our lovely ad flirt, Nicola, as pillion on both trips. For value for money and durability - at around £140 per pair and with the rear lasting 4600 miles - the Continentals win hands down. Common problems with the BMW 1 Series. It was a 1995 model and sported ABS and heated grips. Equally fortunately, I can report it appears to be reliable. And if you want the best of both worlds, try the Z6s - superb grip, especially in the wet, and good mileage with the rear lasting a very respectable 4300 miles. I was slightly concerned on the first trip that she'd moan all the way there and back about being uncomfortable, as she's not one to let her displeasure go unheard.

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