Hobbes: I think that's a weed. The Calvin and Hobbes television show. This stuff really offends mom and dad! PLEASE R&R! Response to Calvin and Hobbes the movie! SEASON ONE COMPLETE! Give me a break! Twenty episodes to a season. I wish there was a movie theater someplace. It follows Calvin, the six-year-old main character, and his stuffed tiger Hobbes as they go on a huge adventure after realizing that everything he made up in his imagination has become real, including his alter-egos such as Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and others. We'll get right back to more hits from those high school days when your world stopped...but first, here's our critic to review … November 29, 1995. Random. Calvin and Hobbes is an upcoming movie heavily based on the comic series, even drawn the same. Includes holiday specials, TV movies, and a dramatic season finale! He also refused to make toys, but that was kind of more because he thought it would be weird to make a toy of Hobbes, given his ambiguous nature. Calvin: Wow, look down there! I think that's the dim outline of a whale! Calvin: And that must be a giant eel slithering up from the bottom! Calvin: Man, this is boring. Hobbes: Easy-listening Muzak? Hobbes: I think that's a rock. Fortunately, I've found some protest music for today's youth! Hobbes: It's a branch. Calvin: I play it real quiet, too. Movie#: 1 December 01, 1995. 2013-04-06 11:52:06 Bill Watterson was very protective of his characters, even going so far as to never make a single licensed animated adaptation. STORY: Unique ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Illustration Fetches $107,550 at Auction. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for November 30, 1995 . Calvin: I'll bet this is the mast of an old spanish galleon, sunk hundreds of years ago. The stars are 45-year-old zillionaires or they endorse soft drinks! The "revolution" is a capitalist industry! Cast(in order of appearance):Calvin,Hobbes,Calvin's father,Calvin's mother Calvin and Hobbes go on a camping trip with Dad. Rock pretends it's still rebellious with its video posturing, but who believes it? Transcript: Radio: You're listening to "Boomer 102" classic rock--where we promise not to expose you to anything you haven't heard a million times before!

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