What is the key to their success?https://t.co/179Z5AnYTw pic.twitter.com/Qw7hXuBBQK. This allows for planning ahead, investing in a specialized machinery and obtaining crop varieties that have proven to perform the best in the area. It combines reduced tillage, retention of adequate levels of crop residues maintaining soil surface cover and crop rotations. To be fair, transitioning from this model to a more sustainable type of agriculture can be very expensive – and most farmers aren’t known for their wealth! By cultivating biodiversity and promoting soil health, this farming system has greater potential to withstand stressful events linked to climate change. Here are a few other characteristics of conventional/industrial agriculture: Obviously, a more sustainable model of agriculture is imperative if we are to continue thriving as a species on this planet. In case of unexpected weather like a prolonged period of drought, the chances are that conventional farmers will lose a big part of the harvest. We are a couple of environmentalists who seek inspiration for life in simple values based on our love for nature. Sustainable farming is a feasible alternative. Sustainable Farming Systems vs Conventional Agriculture: A Socioeconomic Approach 253 same as conventional farming in 44.4% of integr ated farming systems, it is increased due to the non-variable gross income and the reduced variable production cost (which is mainly related to the reduced cost for pesticides and fertilisers) in 22.2% of systems and it is reduced in 33.4% of integrated farmin g … There are a few practical reasons why food production of the future needs to move beyond the concept of conventional agriculture and switch to farming practices that are more sustainable to the needs of people and the environment. Fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation systems and even the seeds of high yielding varieties are expensive and often need to be transported from long distances. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Beneficial aspects to plants include providing physical support, heat, water, nutrients, and oxygen. Yields have been increasing, populations growing, and more lands have been converted into agricultural fields. Since more frequent floods and droughts are expected in many places around the world, sustainable agriculture incorporates smart methods of rainwater harvesting. Climate change also alters life cycles of pests, weeds and diseases in many complex ways—often increasing their numbers or completed life cycles. 40 percent of corn is used for ethanol production for biofuels, 36 percent is fed to factory farmed livestock and most of the remaining amount is either exported or used in a high-fructose corn syrup production [16]. The complicated story of corn continues even further–with large numbers of that livestock raised on the corn feed exported to other countries. This requires inputs of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to artificially create favorable conditions for crops. Such a high demand for resources represents a significant challenge for most smallholder farmers, including farmers from developed countries with subsidized agriculture. Profitability remains a goal of sustainable farming but environmental health and social equity find their rightful place in this system. For example, researchers observed in the U.S. Corn Belt that the corn yields decrease by almost one third if it rains more in spring. 90 percent lower application of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer; need of up to 50 percent less herbicide, which prevented 90 percent herbicide runoff in waterbodies; higher yields of corn per acre by 3 percent and soybean by more than 10 percent. From dead and depleted soils that will no longer grow food crops without massive inputs of chemical fertilizers, to poisoned rivers and streams, to “dead zones” in the oceans caused by agricultural runoff, agriculture is taking a massive toll on our world.

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