Considered a “mixing pigment”, its transparent nature can cast a giant reticulating shadow. The Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour sticks allow for a multitude of applications. • Made in Seattle WA USA. One Step Checkout. They are very portable and long-lasting and they make excellent on-the-go painting tools. Zoom Daniel Smith Watercolor Stick - Quinacridone Burnt Orange +2. Oranges can be very difficult to work with, but this one excels in handling […], A treat for the eyes of both painter and viewer, this intense Quinacridone color is a clear red tinged with pink and orange. Handmade and hand-shaped, they offer the same superior intensity as Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours. DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolour Sticks offer the same superior intensity as the DANIEL SMITH line of Extra Fine Watercolour paints with the convenience and portability of half pans. Rich in texture, this highly saturated purple will granulate to reveal shades of plum and ultramarine. Cleaner, more transparent and brighter in chroma than Cadmium Yellow Light, this is a high-tinting, organic pigment. Painters admire the purity of this […], Kissed with a touch of orange, this is a pure chroma color with high-tinting, organic pigments. Drop Naples Yellow into Quinacridone Red and create a peach, or paint dry brushstrokes onto apples. Hansa Yellow Deep is considered the ‘perfect yellow’, a fact […], Unlike other brands, DANIEL SMITH New Gamboge is an excellent lightfast formulation. These paints are a go-to for many professional watercolorists. • 47 out of 48 of our colors carry the AP symbol from the ACMI. Watch and wait as Anthraquinoid Red floats, Ultramarine Blue settles and Viridian grays the resulting violet color. All colours in the range are rated excellent for light fastness. Considered the ‘perfect yellow’, Hansa Yellow Medium offers more control when mixing. There are 51 colours available in the DANIEL SMITH Watercolour Sticks, some of the most popular colours DANIEL SMITH makes! A brushstroke of concentrated Carbazole Violet onto dry paper moves the pigment from […], Water frees this amazing three-pigment blend to perform miracles. […], Sodalite, with a distinctive deep blue color is one of the components of Lapis Lazuli and very rare. Join our mailing list and be the first one to know about our exclusive offers and new blogs. It is low staining, making it excellent in portrait mixtures for […], Cleaner, more transparent and brighter in chroma than Cadmium Yellow Light, this is a high-tinting, organic pigment. Many are traditional colors relied upon by all artists, and there are many “truly unique” colors made only by Daniel Smith that have become so important to watercolor artists. Remarkably rich and vibrant, they're packed with pure artists' pigments and contain no … Remarkably rich and vibrant, they are packed with pure artists’ pigments and contain no fillers, making them the ideal mixed media tool. Ultramarine Blue is slightly […], This medium-to-dark warm, reddish-blue is highly lightfast and medium tinting strength. A primary magenta with a hint of fluorescent pink granulation producing some […], A deep, reddish violet, Quin Violet disperses evenly with slight granulation and moves from deep darks to clear, glowing washes. 1 DANIEL SMITH Watercolour Stick = 3 Full Pans! It is a lake pigment which when applied in strength and kept from the direct sunlight will […], Permanent Alizarin Crimson, developed with our customers, blends pigments to produce an exceptionally lightfast red with true Alizarin Crimson character and versatility. If exact colour matching is necessary, use actual samples of the materials. Brushes (Ink, Pastel, Chalk) | Sets, Heinz Jordan Acrylic | Oil | Gouache | Watercolour Brushes | Sets, Jacquard Assorted Fabric Paint Brush | Sets, Atelier Squirrel Quill Series 5025S Brush, Bristlon Synthetic Series 1900 Brush | Sets, Cambridge 2100 Acrylic & Oil Brushes | Sets, Silver Silk 88 Series Oil | Acrylic | Water Media | Sets, Simply Simmons Acrylic | Oil | Gouache | Watercolour Brushes | Sets, Simply Simmons Acrylic | Watercolour Brushes, Simply Simmons Oil | Acrylic Long Handle Brushes, Winsor & Newton Series | Cotman Brushes | Sets, Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolour Sable Brush | Sets, Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Brushes | Sets, Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II Brushes | Sets, Winsor & Newton Watercolour Brush Series 7, Yasutomo/Connoisseur Sumi | Bamboo | Flat | Hake | Pen Brushes | Sets, Art Sherpa Acrylic | Multimedia Ass. Warmer than most blues, Indanthrone is clear with a delightful range from blue-black to stonewashed denim. For sketching, developing colour values and bold expressions, DANIEL SMITH Watercolour Sticks are a truly valuable addition to every artists’ palette. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Sticks - combine the best elements of painting and drawing with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Sticks. Fully Secured Encrypted Payment methods for Convenient, Seamless, Safe & Fast Shopping Experience! Each stick is It is a modern synthetic-organic pigment. © 2020 DANIEL SMITH. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. These watercolor sticks feature the same color intensity as Daniel Smith Extra-Fine Watercolors, and the same convenience and portability of half pans in a handy stick form. Highly durable and […], This fire engine red is cleaner than Cadmium or Permanent Red. An inorganic pigment, […]. It’s sedimentary quality increases its versatility. Product and Company Identification They’re highly reactive with water and release rich, creamy colours. 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