I also use it on ants indoors with some luck. We had tried all sorts of natural products to repel them but coffee is the one that has been the most effective. Tent Caterpillars live throughout Canada and the U.S. and can quickly defoliate vast numbers of deciduous shrubs and trees in a short time. They suck the sap from the plant’s leaves, causing them to turn yellow and die. Do you have any idea as to …, Neem Oil and Coconut Oil Natural Mosquito Repellent I would like to make a natural mosquito repellent from neem. You can also use the form to ask a question.Check below the form to see what others have said or asked. Do you have a picture to add? Follow these steps for how to mix Neem oil for plants and to use Neem oil as an insecticide and fungicide. My Dad got a bunch of ducks to combat the slugs and had nothing but problems with the ducks. Thanks for sharing. All bad, all bad, LOL Does neem oil control fruit fly? Thanks! This is a wonderful article an great responses too. Receive the latest Home & Garden Tips by entering your email below: We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously. Sugar with attract roaches! They leave piles of frass behind, burrow into the center of the cabbages, and leave large holes in the leaves. Useful Tips To Make Your Everyday Life Just A Bit Better. We used pine cones as a mulch. The spots eventually cover the entire leaf, making them look scorched, before dropping. How to Protect Hostas From Rabbits & Deer. Even well-maintained rose plants are still prone to attack from many different pests and diseases, however. At a loss. They are resistant to most pesticides on the market, but can still be taken care of with Neem oil. They attack a broad range of vegetation, leaving tiny holes throughout the garden. You can see the shiny trails left behind all over the leaves. Thx again. Apply 70% Neem oil to the area every 7-14 days until the fungus is gone. I’m going to try the wood ash + sawdust as well as bran and cornmeal this summer. Neem Oil on White Flies Will neem oil work on white flies? Got Japanese Beetles? Snails/slugs love to live under the trays, so I put the borax underneath. (..). The neem oil may … Neem oil effective leaf hopper control I grow grapes and on some two year old plants I had an infestation of leaf hoppers. Directly on a snail or slug – just like magic I’m in Florida and have a lot of potted plants with trays underneath for retaining water. Do not spray plants with Neem oil if the outside temperature exceeds 90F. Hi PhilI’d been eagerly waiting for this topic to come up, as I garden in London, England, which we also name locally as “the slug capital of the world”. Then I run in the house before my neighbors see who is responsible for the smell of the sea, and take a shower. Hi Phil; love all the forwards they’re fun and informative. The only drawback with this is that you need to reapply after a heavy rain. Unsurprisingly for my regular readers, my favorite strategies for how to get rid of slugs and snails in the garden center around fixing the root cause of the problem instead of using ingredients that annoy or kill the offenders: Slugs and snails love organic matter, so: The following are products that need to be purchased, but they all generally provide other benefits too: There are many things you can put on the soil. Very informative and well written.Thank you for this! To receive credit as the author, enter your information below. Either Safer's soap or any oil can kill rose slugs if it coats their bodies. Thanks for sharing. Most molluscs live in the water, but slugs and snails are the two that can live on land as well. I get coffee grounds from Starbucks. We live in Houston, TX. They also discharge a sticky substance known as honeydew, which is a black sooty mold that attracts ants. For each recipe, mix the ingredients and apply to plants. An oil liquid extracted from plants, essential oils have a variety of uses. Ive tried pestaside and salt. Try a google search for: slugs 9v battery. The neem leaf makes up over 75% of the Ayurvedic medicinal remedies used in India to treat illnesses. However, they can damage the plants in your garden. Sure makes for an easier pathway for small wheels to roll over too. All hope is not lost, though. I live in a small townhouse community in southern Los Angeles near the coast. Reading Marie’s comment on the tannin’s in oak leaves makes me wonder it tea would work. Thanks for this really helpful site.Thankyou for opening this new door. Thanks for the article.

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