‣ It is also compatible with Solar operation. PrimeFresh+, Ag Clean, Inverter, ECONAVI, 407L ECONAVI Inverter 2-Door Bottom Freezer RefrigeratorNR-BX410GKMY. The Staff at Gadget Review is a mix of writers that lend their expertise to the site on a variety of topics. Inverter Technology saves electricity bills. which maintains moisture to keep your foods fresh. It has a unique bottom freezer that is really convenient! It will reduce energy consumption by almost 50% and also saves your money on the energy bill. The best refrigerators come with an inbuilt stabilizer which will protect the compressor in case of high voltage fluctuations. There are other attractive warranty extension packages with minimum charges. It can support a 5-6 member family with ease. For a small family of 2 -3 members buying a double door refrigerator is not the perfect fit. It prevents ice from melting as well as other food items from spoiling. Built-in refrigerators also tend to measure 24 inches in depth, but are often taller than other refrigerators, can be significantly wider (up to 48”), and frequently have compressors installed on the top of the machine instead of the bottom. There are many fridges comes with conversion facility in that you can convert your freezer into the fridge to maximize the storage. This is what allows us to offer our content free of charge or without a paywall. Compared to single door refrigerators, you can expect 20- 30% high power consumption with double door refrigerators due to large capacity. The compressor functions at maximum capacity again when cooling is required. But these are not popular in India. You need to accept cookie policy if you want to add to cart. You can connect to its mobile app or contact service center through laptop. These are budget-friendly and comes around a budget of 12000-18000 rupees. Double door refrigerators cost anywhere around Rs.12, 000. There are many Double door fridge which will give ice in just one hour. will allow you to open the door easily and conveniently. It depends upon person to person if you are a family of 2-3 members then a single door if perfect for you. So you better protect the device than cure it. The cold air escapes easily if the gasket is not sealed correctly that leads to consume more energy. It takes more time in cooling. This option is very useful for vegetarians who are not using frozen foods that much. This is Godrej double door refrigerators with the frost-free feature. Having purchased a refrigerator for my home just a few hours ago after nine days of extensive research and analysis, I would state that the choice between a single-door and a double-door refrigerator comes down to one’s storage requirement. Explore our wide range of double door 5 star fridge online. Refrigerator Capacity: Huge 320 liters of capacity. Here are some typical numbers for comparison: Counter-depth, built-in, and custom unit dimensions are application specific and will have wider variations in measurement as you move further away from “standard” refrigerators (like top-mounts and side-by-sides) and more toward custom application machines. They have dedicated spaces for diaries, bottles, eggs, vegetables etc. It will save at least 20-30% of energy and also lasts for a longer time. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Best Double Door Fridge. While a double door fridge will have a separate compartment for the freezer. £50.00 postage. 2 small racks for storing any food small items. 392L ECONAVI Inverter 2-Door Top Freezer RefrigeratorNR-BL389PSMY. Their height typically falls between 82cm to 84cm (82cm is the most common).

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