In advance of our The Digitals awards night on June 27th, I thought I’d present some of the shortlisted entries from the charity and non-profit category. Facilitated international senior leadership team through strategic planning process to refine vision, develop strategies, and develop objectives, timeframes and responsibilities. Pursued USAID grant. Do you need to connect us? Developed network/partnership of employers. Provided consulting support to various non-profits and businesses to develop and write their business plans – the creation of a business plan to provide a sustainable income source to the non-profit organization, and provided ongoing consulting support as plans were implemented. Designed/developed and implemented a "professional presentation skills" training program, including individualized coaching and feedback for several manufacturing, banking, and hi-tech Clients. Provided counsel & facilitation support to operations leaders regarding new plant structure that used self-directed operations “pods” or teams and initiated just-in-time inventory practices. The business model should be there if you are targeting investors. We human beings have raised the temperature of the world. Evaluated effectiveness & provided feedback during videotaped presentation segments. Co-facilitated a global trends/people trends & planning (diversity) training program with attorney, for unity council of client. Facilitated a strategic planning and governance/bylaws revision process with a client. Conducted 360 leadership assessment and aptitude assessment for executive director, board president & staff. Organizations have included human services, churches, center for homeless, affordable housing organizations, library association, etc. Coordinated providers & employers to improve the value & quality of training. You can start a non-profit that campaigns against any of these and support people who have fallen victim to such vices. Facilitated Leadership training program – Included an assessment of leader style and topics of decision making/problem solving and teaching skills. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Charitable Service Trust. The program included a city-wide scavenger hunt with built-in challenges to solve and create, a debrief/process session, awards and a video program of the day. Conducted an external survey of salary levels and organizational/management practices for a hospital foundation. No direct investments are there. Organizations have included: human services, churches, center for homeless, affordable housing, etc. Also responsible for extending gains of entrepreneurship to disadvantaged populations by building a network of entrepreneurs, students & alumni, government agencies, social services organizations, local businesses & financial organizations. Provided outsourced human resources/recruiting & staffing services for a MH/MR/Dev human services client; recruited/staffed over 25 positions. People together, help other people, animals, and the environment. Following is the list of charitable organizations. Violence, racism, child abuse, and other vices are rife in many societies. Initiated and managed the development process/project for a fundraising-driven 3-D model DVD video. Designed and wrote several Leaders’ Guides, Volunteer Guides and Guidebooks for a non-profit out-door focused organization. Reviewed and provided feedback on strategic plan. Taught business and entrepreneurship to disadvantaged populations and MBA students. Conducted a survey of the membership of a chamber of commerce, then developed and “outsourced consulting & training service” to provide consulting services, training programs and a source for identifying consultants in a variety of disciplines, for the membership of the chamber. Provided career advising services to MBA students on a short-term basis to cover a staff member on leave. Even providing clean water would change the lives of many in North Africa. Feel Free, anytime, contact us! Also facilitated a cross-functional project team through a project planning process to move toward improved sales and quality of a multi-million product/service. This is where you can show the world that you can also contribute to making this world a beautiful place. Redesigned the format of job descriptions, provided counsel to rewrite 80 job descriptions, and conducted a market analysis with an external salary survey and evaluation of all salaries. The first thing is an NGO, or a non profit organization usually has no owner, but an individual or a group can own a for-profit business.

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