The keypad does NOT have an ENTER key, but it has '*' and '#' buttons, in addition to the 0-9 numbers. FREE Shipping. The keypad is wired to a button pad just on the inside of the door. The Intellicode system is Genie's most recent technology, offering great security by … THE PROGRAM SWITCH WHEN PLUGGED IN. 50. 1A. If the notch faces away from the program switch when plugged in, the unit will appear to operate properly, but your security code will not be stored correctly and other codes may also open your door. Shop for an outdoor keypad console below. The keypad itself is Liftmaster, but the unit itself and wired openers (the button pads to open/close it) are Sears craftsman model 139.53425SRT. An outside accessible keypad for your Genie garage door opener system can make it easy to give temporary access to workers. The default code for your Genie garage door keypad is 3-5-7. 2. Press the series of buttons you have chosen for your code. 1. Press the Program key again You are now ready to program the keypad to an opener. 2. For use on a Single Door, continue right to 1A OR 1B. Amazon's Choice for genie wired keypad. Other options New and used from $26.40. If they look like this: • Press Program Set button 2 seconds until the round LED turns blue, then release. Move the program switch to the "SET" position. To program the keypad by learn button we need to do the following steps: Enter the pin you want to use on the keypad (3-8 Digits) Press and release the UP/DOWN key to make the LED flash Slowly Step 3: Pair the keypad to your Genie garage door opener. $28.50 $ 28. 4.7 out of 5 stars 435. PROGRAMMING The Genie Universal Keypad (Model Number 42149R) is compatible with units that program by learn button and by dip switches. is your one-stop to find the CORRECT wireless or hard-wired keypad for your Genie garage door opener system. How to program your universal Liftmaster keypad. The Genie Intellicode garage door opener system includes both portable remote controls and also keypad controls that may be mounted on an exterior wall of your garage. With your garage door opener still in programming mode, make sure that your keypad is NOT lit up before you start. Press the default code (3 – 5 … Type your new PIN (3-8 digits) 4. Press the Program key 3. GENIE Garage Door Openers 20235R Keypad Only for KEP-1. How to program your universal Liftmaster keypad.

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