You changed your password recently. Haga clic en "crear email" en la esquina superior derecha de la barra de menú. I recieved same message this morning.. I have found it to be relatively acceptable for a free IMAP account. I only get useless standard electronic responses. To claim contact Mrs . GMX will provide you with alternatives if the email address you would prefer is already taken. People be warned. To claim contact Mrs. Rachael Martins via [email protected] I received the same txt today saying my mobil have won US$5.8M for FIFA 2014 Int'L Award. Browse by category. © 2004-2020 How do we stop these scams and stop us from feeling violated of our privacy? Login Problems – Using the GMX Password Recovery Assistant. How To Remove Password Reset Issue While Using GMX Account Number of companies are there who offers different email services to the users.It is the responsibility of the user to select reliable email … To claim contact Mrs Ann Doyle Via [protected] To begin, go to the GMX home page and click the Log In button at the top right of the screen as normal. Kostenlos mit GMX FreeMail: E-Mail-Adresse, 1 GB Mail Speicher, Free SMS. GMX Prioritises User Safety GMX Mail was bug-free, glitch-free, and had received very little spam compared to other email service providers that we tested. Haga clic en “Comprobar” para saber si la dirección de correo electrónico que desea está disponible. We have tried pinging website using our server and the website returned the above results. Received same scam via my mobile phone, GMX maintains a direct network of support to answer your questions and resolve your problems. GMX Mail App for Windows Desktop GMX Search for Windows GMX. Please can you look into this asap as I use this address for all my main emails. In January 2019 German magazine The Spiegel published a story that GMX and allow users to register an email address with the word 'pasword' as a password.. So far, I only used the easy-to-use Mail Collector tool to forward e-mails from two of my accounts that soon will cease to exist. [email protected]. Thanks. If To claim contact Mrs.J. Hey funny thing I received one 13/03/11 at 13 minutes past One this morning it says Congratulations your mobile has won US $7.8M for commonwealth games award. I live in New Zealand also. Corrupted cookies may sometimes cause problems during login. Boycott this type of " in your face" LGBTQ content. Congratulations your mobile have won US$5.8M for FIFA 2010 Int'l Award. Thanks. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments and wrote a response as well. I hope can do something about them! Hopefully no-one will get sucked in and send these people anything. I used GMX email service for some private business purposes and it was really important to me. Because those type of people very rarely have "Common Nous". "customer email support is our priority A email address supplies the answers. That same message I get every time I complain that security has reviewed it and they refuse to tell why they have shut it down and why they will not re open it. I'm unable to access my gmx email account [protected] which I've used for years and not had a problem with it before. I lost many important emails and time. Pick a GMX email address, like your full name or company name, for example. We are working as fast as possible to resolve this issue and sincerely apologise for this inconvenience. Reset the password by visiting this page: I know my e-mail address and password, but I cannot log in, Terms Once you reset mobile access from a PC, the next time someone tries to access your email via the mobile GMX Mail app, they will be prompted for a username and password. It said that my password was incorrect. In the event that your preferred email address is taken, GMX provides you with similar alternatives. I received the same text today "Congratulations your mobile have won US$5.8M for FIFA 2014 Int'l Award. Who is Rachael Martins? We at Tutanota focus on security, and we were very surprised to learn that GMX and negelcted their users' security to such an extend. It was mentioned that the website was for free, but they charged my card, and I didn’t find their contact information, because they didn’t provide it on the website. Sender GMX: Congratulations your mobile have won US$5.8M for FIFA 2014 Int'l Award. agree same thing happened to me in a roundabout way what can we do... ? Your GMX Team © 2020 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH. I can only conclude by the basis of this that is not a email provider that is safe to use as they block accounts on a whim and refuses to even tell why. Cant register in Email Help Needed! If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. sensitive. Email troubleshooting is our daily task - whenever you encounter any problem, contact us immediately. To claim contact Mrs.J.Clarke via: Received same scam via my mobile phone, I wonder if she knows the McAfee Security people??!! & Conditions. browser. I just come and study. Mind you, these clowns send us this fictitious junk on our cell phones. Whether you’ve lost your mobile device or it’s been stolen, resetting your mobile access is the best way to ensure your mobile email account remains secure. To claim contact Mrs. Hahn Doyle via: [email protected]"I would like to know what they want and how do they go about getting it. I still got this message! I need to access my account, it's really important! They just blatantly deleted my account after 2 weeks while I only had sendt 2-3 test emails to verify it working. I received a text message at 6.37am stating "Congratulations your mobile has won US$9.8M for World Bank Award. When I do this and hit the 'send' button, it doesn't work but does nothing. All the Mails i send stuck in the queue but never delivering. Consumers complaining about GMX most frequently mention email account, irregular activity and security department problems. One day I wanted to check my mail and when I tried to log into my account I was not able to do that. Congratulations your mobile have won US$5.8m for FIFA 2014 Int'l Award. on [email protected]

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