Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. To put a plastic wheely bin under the ceiling to catch the water. It didn't sound like the rumbling thunder he'd heard in the mortal world. 2. A family out fishing had the catch of the day, in the same general area where Billie had bobbed to light. "They can't get far with a smashed windshield," he said to Fred as he plopped down in a booth to catch his breath before the police arrived. He spotted Katie & Bill on the second row and waited for an opportunity to catch Katie's attention. Wolves do not catch their prey by lying in ambush, or stealing up close and making a sudden spring, but by fairly running it down in open chase, which their speed and remarkable endurance enable them to do. Laws catch flies and let hornets go free. He had been fortunate to catch her on lunch break from her bedside vigil at her mother's apartment. Beam trawl Beam trawls are used principally in waters shallower than 50m in depth to catch flatfish over relatively even sandy seabed. He found himself wishing for the advice of Andre or Kris, men smart where he was brash. doodlewould catch him doodling around on the piano, trying to come up with something different in the chord structure or the melody. airburst round, designed to create a cone of shell fragments directed down to catch prone and entrenched troops. He looked up instinctively, sensing something different about this thunder. I've been trying to catch you since you left the lounge. ": When you "catch" a mistake, it means that you notice the mistake before it becomes a problem, or before a lot of other people see it. Examples are: Rao (We) dekchai (boy) sam (three) kon (persons) cha (will) pai (go) chap (catch) pla (fish) samrap (for) hai (give) paw (father) kin (eat). From seafood to southern fare, you can find a great catch, steak or salad at the restaurants included below while getting a feel for the city. In the first place it increased the visibility of the signalling instrument; in the second place it brought that instrument into the position in which it could most readily catch the operator's eye; and finally it eliminated the effort involved in associating one piece of apparatus with another and in finding that other. The principal catch is haddock and herring.s. You don't need to catch the exception to do that. 2. As fast as Kris ran, he couldn't catch her. You'd need more than a lawyer if they catch up with you. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The hook which he had thrown did not catch on the rocks, an No one chased her, and she stopped to hide in the shadows of the stone wall at the end of the drive to catch her breath. cephalopod distribution in Scottish waters is mainly based on information from commercial whitefish vessels that catch squid as a by-catch. You know where we are? Death was waiting for Gabriel when he dozed off. If your workplace had a rest room consider taking a catnap at lunchtime if you really need to catch up on sleep. choker length with chain and catch fastening and small bead fob at the end. chase gap was to great for the chasing pack to catch Holmes now. In the evening, when it is cool and pleasant, we would walk in the yard, and catch the grasshoppers and butterflies. The next morning she came in earlier, hoping to catch the man before he left. Bianca heard her voice catch and couldn't answer. If she wanted to catch him alone, she'd better get it done now. Be original. You must lose a fly to catch a trout. Cynthia was troubled with a headache and tried to catch an extra half-hour of sleep as Dean served breakfast to the early risers, Penny, Mick and two of the other climbers. I'll bring a couple of cages home from work tomorrow, so we can catch the chickens and bring them all up here at once. ft., whilst the catch box of oxide of iron then removes all traces of sulphuretted hydrogen. aluminium aluminum hydride dust can even catch fire on a damp day. catch phrase is " You'll have to ask the team. Two hours remained before the last of the day's celebrations— the Jeep flare parade down the mountain, followed by a massive fireworks display—so after finishing supper, the Deans began playing catch up with Bird Song's chores. You can complete the definition of good catch! Two hours remained before the last of the day's celebrations— the Jeep flare parade down the mountain, followed by a massive fireworks display—so after finishing supper, the Deans began playing catch up with Bird Song's chores. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The airplane trip to Arkansas seemed like an opportunity to catch up on reading, but his mind kept drifting away from the book. They do not represent the opinions of There were several small vehicles, several more men with donkeys, and a slew of boats departing the harbor for the morning catch. You can catch them if you act promptly. That catch included barbel, using the long trotting method with a centre-pin reel. He said something that her spinning mind couldn't catch. catch employe caught stealing can expect to be prosecuted through the courts. As a teacher he commanded universal respect, and wherever we catch a glimpse of his activity he appears to advantage. My husband woke up, we had a chat then he went off to catch some catfish. arrived at the airport at 14:00 in time to catch the slightly delayed flight back to Gatwick. :: Whoops, good catch on the Clement timeline, thanks. Now watz the catch before promoting i placed Google Ads on my page. It wasn't like he was such a fine catch, either. Bumpus woofed for attention so Molly paraded him, allowing me to catch Betsy up with what was happening. Even when I paused to catch my breath, the director didn't interrupt. She smiled and nudged Princess into a lope, leaving him to shut the gate and catch up. Gabriel was working them – and himself - overtime to try to catch up. He, moreover, by no means limits himself to animals of his own killing, but, according to Selous, often prefers eating game that has been killed by man, even when not very fresh, to taking the trouble to catch an animal himself. Vinnie, you son-of-a-bitch, you'll be a dead man if I catch up to you! Many large and fierce bears roam in the Valley of Voe, and when they can catch any of us they eat us up; but as they cannot see us, we seldom get caught. Follow this path until you reach a stream. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. According to the Malays a penanggalan (vampire) is a living witch, and can be killed if she can be caught; she is especially feared in houses where a birth has taken place and it is the custom to hang up a bunch of thistle in order to catch her; she is said to keep vinegar at home to aid her in re-entering her own body. The spirits also sometimes inhabit certain birds or fishes, which are then taboo, as food, to the family; but they will help to catch them for others. They appear to catch what is called the "boat-cold" caused by the arrival of strange boats, and at one time the children suffered severely from a form of lockjaw known as the "eight days' sickness.". How many days are left in the sale? I didn't know if I'd catch a cab or a bus would hit me. When she reached the top of the beach, she paused to catch her breath before hurrying after Jade, whose determined walk soon outdistanced her. John admitted that it was strange for a health food shop to be raffling a calorie-rich chocolate egg but added that it was all in a good cause. She is excellent to lead, call, catch, farrier, dentist, vet. The long drop continues to be THE place to catch a tree boa! "Why don't I show you what I'm going to do to that little shit of a brother of yours?" While it was close enough to catch broadcasts of Phillies baseball and Eagles football, it was far enough away to be isolated from most of the brutality associated with the city of Brotherly Love. He chased after her, in time to catch a glimpse of yellow as she barged out the door toward the parking lot. She waited another few seconds for a catch before letting herself believe him. 3. At the gate, she finally paused to catch her breath, her face still burning. I know what happens if you catch us. I got to catch a plane back up to Boston—tickets for the Symphony and stuff like that. On the face of the Western Ghats, and on the Khasi hills, overlooking the Bay of Bengal, where the mountains catch the masses of vapour as it rises off the sea, the rainfall is enormous. There was no mass exodus of people with trains to catch. Open enough to see that Josh would be a fine catch... for someone. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. There are many well placed pot bunkers lying in wait to catch the errant shot. A second pipeline is under development to catch failures, targeting internal exons of Vega genes. It will dip, and then dive under water to catch crustaceans. 4.

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