grass-fed beef – either grass-finished or grain-finished – dry-aged for 21 days and available in individual cuts, mixed boxes, or by the half-cow or quarter cow; certified organic chicken – available in whole chickens or as chicken breasts , wings , thighs , drumsticks or ground chicken ; Sub Banners Locally owned and family operated Bearbrook Natural Game Meats is a total hormone and chemical free environment. Serving the Ottawa Region. Order Now. Evans Family Farms. RiverRun Farms is a family farming operation in Lanark, Ontario, that raises superior quality, all-natural and grass-fed beef with a focus on sustainable production practices for the local marketplace. Ours is a small, closed herd that is lovingly reared. They spend their life eating grasses and are finished the same way. Grass-Fed Beef Family Owned Sustainably Operated. Our mission is to produce superior quality beef in the Ottawa Valley while working to build a relationship with consumers and businesses. Pastured poultry. Free-Range Eggs. Free-range eggs. You will be billed for exact PROCESSED weight (between 1 and 1.3 pounds) this product is from animals that have only been fed pastured hay , chopped hay , and bagged hay.($17.36/kg. Featuring free range turkey, duck, chicken, deer, buffalo, grass fed beef, lamb, goat, rabbit, pork, quail, pheasant, ostrich, emu, kangaroo and other exotic meats. Grass-fed beef. Contact us to learn about our farm and our grass-fed beef packages. Vegetables, grass fed beef, pork, grass fed lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, maple syrup, honey, preserves, jam. )100 packs of Ground beef will be available December. Organic Produce. We are a homestead family with a relatively small beef herd of approximately 35 cows, providing naturally-raised grass-fed beef to health-conscious customers in the Ottawa Valley at reasonable prices - starting as low as $7.75 per pound! We sell only pure Black Angus beef. Discover our exceptional Ottawa grass fed beef. Enjoy Our Special Recommendations. Tradition Angus is a small family farm located just outside of Ottawa. Pick-up locations in Ottawa. Instagram: @evansfarmssonny Twitter: @evansfarmssonny. Order number of packages. Almonte, Ontario. This is a list of farms in Ottawa region that provide turkey meat. Lean Grass-fed Ground Beef 0 available. Our pigs and chickens forage in the pastures and receive a GMO-free grain ration. Our beef is 100% grass-fed, never receiving any grain, not even a little. No hormones, antibiotics or vaccines. START SHOPPING > Four B Farms. Let us help connect you to good, local food. We don't use antibiotics or supplemental hormones and don't have a need to. We also carry a wonderful assortment of locally made jams, jellies, honey, pies, cheese and sauces. You can find pasture raised turkey, free range turkey and organic turkey. NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR FALL 2020.

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