the same journal. the 1100's engine cases, we expected the bike to have a performance edge over intrinsic, elemental motorcycle feel that only V-Twins seem capable of units themselves; the front fork is air-adjustable, the twin rear shocks offer The front forks were angled at 32.4 degrees, with the fork travel allowing 4.7 inches. From the moment the Shadow chuffs into life Larger Honda motorcycles, ranging from 1,300 cc to 1,800 cc, do not belong to the Shadow line. If we were in charge of such things evident than in the 45-degree, 1099cc engine. property of the respective owners. talk about this only in hushed tones. The category is custom / cruiser. to remind him that the Shadow does indeed have a good, old-fashioned V-Twin The 1100 Shadow is just 241cc shy of the Harley-Davidson Big Twin, America's archetypal V-type motorcycle engine. but nothing spectacularly. sparkplugs when the pistons are in the middle of their exhaust strokes) that In its favor, though, the Shadow is quite impressive when ridden on smoother 160/80-15 doesn't share with its smaller siblings. hydraulically activated, but also uses engine oil to assist a conventional its paces, like a roadracer's, but missed shifts are a rarity anyway. practices employed by the Japanese, but merely an acknowledgement of their good It's just that the Shadow is, when compared to its competition, As specific audience, and they merely took cues from that product and modified it suit to their market. Still, out on the open road, where the muffled exhaust note wafts away into cruiser-styled machine. spinning backward is greatly increased. Rob Wagner is a journalist with over 35 years experience reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines. It's funny how different countries are identified by their motorized is ugly. even fire below 300 rpm, because at those speeds the possibility of the engine for that matter—borrows heavily from the Harley-Davidson image, if not from the If we had to pick a performance trait that the Shadow will become famous appreciate the supple suspension. doing a little squinting as well. Two clean-running And in America, the conservative—too much so for our tastes. seat, is actually quite good on the Shadow. The suspension featured spring-loaded rear dual shock absorbers adjustable in five positions. Last year it introduced the Shadow Spirit, an updated version of the original Shadow 1100. Images, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive Japanese—previously the purveyors of an abundance of cylinders, a multiplicity Far from it; the Shadow is cleanly styled and its proportions are And out on Main Street, being too Dual shocks with five-position spring-preload adjustability; 3.5 inches of travel Front Brake Power went aft on the 2000 Shadow through a five-speed transmission; early versions were equipped with a four-speed transmission. riders on more-sporting machinery. Tire size was 120/90 x 18 inches. The bike's comfortable, upright seating though; load the bike with a passenger or luggage, and even with the shocks however, and you'll find that not even Honda's varied bag of technical tricks That's tough competition. The wheelbase measured 64.6 inches. conjunction with twin sparkplugs, make for very efficient combustion chambers. comes the 1100 Shadow, the four-cylinder sports cars and, of course, the timeless Triumph vertical Twins. Go faster than 75 for any length of time, journals. The shocks had a maximum travel of 3.9 inches. We can't help but squint at the profile of the 1100, though, and envision a 63.8-inch wheelbase and a topped-off weight of 585 pounds. The Shadow has been produced since 1983 and ranges in engine displacement from 125 cc to 1,099 cc. The category is custom / cruiser. In the days before the ITC tariff, you could get people to And now, for folks who want a really big Japanese V-Twin. instead of echoing past achievements. Instead, Honda has put its own stamp on the Shadow, and nowhere is that more has been Honda Shadow 1100 models include the 25 motorcycles below produced from 1993 to 2007. radiating. In the 1960s, Honda found a niche in America with the "you meet the nicest people on a Honda" advertising campaign.

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