I just finished my first twin size quilt. Works well. A good speed is around 75% of your machine's highest speed. I love that idea. If it’s not basted well you’ll end up with bumps and folds and extra fabric in the center. I'm definitely going to quilt my own from now on! Customization is infinite when you can do it yourself :D. Congratulations! hee hee. When you're free-motion stitching, the stitch length will depend on how quickly you push the fabric through your machine. Such a difference in your muscle tension when the rubber grippers work to hold the quilt in place and move it along, instead of your gripping and tensing your muscles! She’s similar to me in that she sends most large quilts out for longarming if possible (the […]. Something I read from another FMQ blogger “You can practice until you are blue in the face, but at some point you just have to dive in and do it!” It has worked well for me, before reading that comment I was stuck in the “Practice Phase”. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Position the machine in your favourite position. There are different ways of making a quilt, and you should find one that suits you, to enjoy the experience. You can do it!! And I never follow #9. :-P. This is a great post! Email. Next one I am making is for my brother, I am definitely going to try your method. A fleece backing sounds heavenly today…what a great idea! Your email address will not be published. Let's start a conversation!    So, keep it easy and find something that will be a little more forgiving. I will be quilting a queen size on my domestic machine. This is needed as the bulk of the quilt is at the throat of the machine and could cause problems. Make a quilting plan of action. They also gave wonderful products and a knowledgeable staff. Great tips Nicole. These are really helpful suggestions, Allison. I plan on overcoming my fear of FMQ soon. Start with our 13 quilting basics for beginners and end with a fun sewing project. Since I'm fairly new to quilting; having made a few quilts along the way but really getting into it now, I could use some top tips on the following concepts: using up old stash, buying new fabrics, putting colors together when making a quilt, cutting using a rotary cutter, pressing, measuring accurately, and choosing batting. Most importantly I’d say don’t worry too much about perfection or screwing it up when your quilting . They are quilts for others. -Jean. I fell into a wonderful deal and bought a WOW quilting machine. If you'd like, you can place a large cross-stitch in the center of your quilt to tack the batting to the backing. Just what I needed! I will not deny fabric or an opportunity to turn on the sewing machine and sew. A walking foot is best for sewing straight lines. The really good part, though, is that the quilt turned out to be beautiful! I'm a huge advocate for home machine quilting. Install your quilting foot: Also know as the walking foot. I’m so glad the post was helpful. The biggest payoff is the ‘no pins’ solution! Getting your machine and your body in the right position is key to reducing fatigue and preventing aches and pains. Please update your subscription now. I did a lap quilt for my friend of a paris panel (her favourite) and I did stippling small and then larger stippling and I actually felt really proud that i had completed a project without anyone's help, it is a great confidence booster..... happy sewing :). Keep at it and you'll get it done! I quilted 4 placemats on my husband's Singer (with just the normal foot on it - I didn't know there were different feet!) It can be fun and a great way to relieve stress! We will be building a log cabin on their property in the next two years, I would love to make a log cabin quilt for each of our two bedrooms in the log home. It is a strong material, and you want a smooth frictional flow so that you can quilt faster and evenly. More. Thanks for sharing your designs. My first 4 quilts I sent out to a longarmer, then I bought my own longarm - so much easier for me!! I loved reading this, as I am far from an experienced machine quilter. I ended up needing to put a couple of pillows on my chair to raise my body to the right height. Once I figured out how to distribute the weight and bulk of the fabric, and was about a third of the way finished with the quilting, I was finally felt pretty comfortable and confident. My daughter loves it! You’ll work first with most of the quilt rolled up at the right. :). Ensure that your quilt is basked with safety pins. . Working in a well-ventilated area, peel the batting in half and spray between the layers evenly with the basting spray. If you have any puckers in the quilt sandwich, it could cause one of the layers to shift out of place. My quilting is mostly with a walking foot (thanks, Jacquie Gering) and it is slow! It will save your shoulders and back if you are not holding all of the quilt weight by yourself! That is a wonderful use of positioning. Great tips, Nicole I always roll mine up like that, but I really need to get some of those clips! Get something to drink or eat and then get back at it. What a great idea! For instance, if you have a cream-colored fabric in your quilt, you might opt for an off-white or beige thread. That needs to be used for greeting cards. That being said…if you are a beginner you might want to practice a lot on smaller quilts before you jump into a king size. I've had success quilting crib quilts at home, but I've always paid someone to quilt anything bigger. I think that for the first year the only thing I did was the meandor! ), except for […], […] Harris has some wonderful tips for quilting a large quilt. Surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Those are the little teeth beneath the plate that ‘feeds’ the fabric into the needle area. I think I have one in the queue that I'll try it on. Moreso, stitching from the center ensures that any shifting(i.e as the seam flattens among other things), happens evenly around the quilt and the fabric. Found you on instagram! You’ll get better with each quilt! Thanks for sharing, Nicole – good advice! Once I started FMQ their quilts, approximately 40″ x 50″, my skills improved tremendously over time. Is it possible to mix fabric when quilting? Use a longer stitch for heavier-weight threads, like a 30- or 40-weight. The best approach here is to make more bobbin by your side, so you replace them whenever you need to change the bobbin. I'm the mama behind Mama Love Quilts, an online resource for modern quilting enthusiasts. It's bright and whimsical... "When you wish upon a star⠀ Pin. When you get to the corner, backstitch a few stitches, then fold the binding up so it's parallel to (but pointing away from) the next side of the quilt. I do have a few templates and can do groovy board designs,- but where the sewing cottage isn’t large enough to accomidate that. Some people find it difficult to join the smaller quilts and prefer to do it all together. From the list above, you can find a method or combination of techniques that will make it easy for you to make a quilt. I may just have to try my next queen size on my home machine! Then, place your work in an embroidery hoop, set drum tight, and tighten the screw with the flat section of the hoop against the machine bed. Notice the amount of space in the harp. . Start Slideshow 1 of 14. Get up. You can come across quilts that have different colours patterns as designs. Now sew lines of straight stitches. I learned by trial and error. …. Very helpful.I think it's only been the last 15-20 years that quilters have been sending quilts out to be quilted. She is an elementary school teacher and she would have the machine all summer, breaks and I would have it the other times. Okay, first, every time I read or think "little do you know" I think of this song, and now you can too! I still practice on my quilts! I am making a king size quilt for my son and have a regular size domestic machine. I also placed a long folding table behind my sewing machine to support the quilt as it came through the machine. Basically anything that will be looked at closely by other people I send to a professional. I won’t quilt without them now! I don’t have a big sewing cabinet, just a regular desk that I call a sewing table.

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