Sandford, ON. There's no need to worry if you need to move your bulky recliner sofa through a tight space. They offer a cozy spot to curl up with a good book or your favorite binge-worthy TV drama, and they provide convenient sleeping arrangements for overnight guests. How a sofa comes apart is dependent on two things — how it was put together in the first place and why it is being disassembled. If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I could have probably saved three more wooden slats from the back, but there’s a catch: All three are simply riddled with staples and finishing nails. To that end, I spent most of my furniture budget on a decent bed and faked the rest. In this blog post, I’ll outline exactly how I went about demolishing the sofa, tell you what I learned, and what I got for my troubles. I also found 36 cents in the sofa (a quarter, a dime, and a penny), along with two petrified gummy bears and a clothespin, but I don’t really count those as being all that valuable. GE Appliances†. I ordered a black sofa but this is not black. The next bit was simple and involved gravity and brute force. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.7534 total votes. It does not match color description on website. Having never taken a piece of furniture apart before, I really didn’t know what to expect. Once the truly simple stuff was attended to, I turned my attention to one of the sofa arms. Arbitrarily, I decided to tackle the back of the sofa first and get rid of the seatback cushions. What do you do when you are not satisfied with the item that you just paid $1,000 (or even more!) Each seatback cushion was enclosed in what amounts to a pillowcase that had been sewn shut on all four sides. Disassembly should generally follow In the end, I was very satisfied with my overall experience ordering from Wayfair. This is not a sponsored post. The components of a sectional sofa are connected together on the sides with dowel fittings. Finally, after 3 weeks, she asked me if I wanted to go ahead and order the couch, since it has been far too long, and she will work with me on returning the couch if I was not satisfied. Give your seating ensemble a stylish, yet functional foundation with this streamlined sleeper sectional. The velvet upholstery is filled with foam for just the right amount of support as you sit or sleep. I had never ordered from any of these places before, and I was extremely skeptical about ordering such an important, heavy (not to mention difficult to return) and relatively expensive piece of furniture for the first time from one of these retailers. I decided to give Wayfair one more chance, and finally, a lady on the phone was extremely respectful and apologized for all the inconvenience that I’ve experienced. They were still in great shape, after all! Playing the part of sofa and bed, sleepers are a fantastic solution for smaller spaces (think: studio apartments, guest rooms, home offices, etc.). Use a staple remover or a flathead screwdriver to do this. First, remove the cushions and set them aside. The classic and modern lines with mid-century tufting is inviting and welcoming to all. Anonymous. How-To Assemble & Disassemble a Sleeper Series Sofa - YouTube I started by breaking out the hammer and hammering on the stubby ends of the sofa to free the large plank of wood running along the back. Even though Wayfair changed their return policy recently =( , I still wanted to post about my experience with returns at Wayfair in hopes that it will be helpful for you. Whether you want to throw it out without having to rent a dumpster or you can’t get it to physically fit through the door, it’s possible to take it apart yourself. As you can see, I salvaged a couple of slats (lying on the sofa, right side of the picture) that I might be able to use for something else later. Neither was my kid who proceeded to climb over the wrapping and start rolling around on it. I’m doing this demo in mid-January, and it’s super cold. Video is done in under three min but a great job completion takes anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on the difficulty level of the sofa. I simply folded the short end attached to the front of the sofa over and wrenched it free. After a full day’s work, my first goal for the second day was to get the suspension system out of the bottom of the sofa. The back three cushions are removable with a … This helpful video shows how to make this back-breaking job much easier. Anyway, here’s the sofa without the suspension. Try us now!!!! With that, I chose to design the room with a green couch in mind, a very specific green. Those were easy cuts, and I put those in the “keep for later” pile. To that end, the first thing I did was break out the Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the screws holding the suspension system to the front of the sofa. Since I didn’t do that initially, I had to spend time untying garbage bags, pulling them out, and cutting out what I wanted. As you can see, we’re just about done here: The final step was dealing with the dreadful front of the sofa base. I was going to save them, but honestly, they just weren’t worth it. =). For your returns, you are now responsible for the return shipping costs. Now, I've learned these 5 tips and will have them in my back pocket for the next time I'm going to order home items at Wayfair! Fabric protector is recommended for maximum durability. Wayfair offered the couch at $973 after tax and a 10% discount applied (a coupon I received for your first purchase with Wayfair) with free (in-home) shipping. The only tool on the list that’s not strictly necessary is the Sawzall. The heater is keeping the room tolerably warm! This combination of a sturdy and well-built sofa/sectional is also a queen-sized sleeper encased in a small footprint! You take off the back 3 cushions, pull up on the front of the couch and pull forward, then flip the back of the couch flat. I don’t know what I’ll do with that either, but it’s in good shape. Put the legs aside. OK, it said it would take 7-10 days to arrive. A single touch transforms this full-size sleeper sofa into a bed. Brushed linen upholstery envelops the whole sofa for an inviting look, while pocket spring suspension, synthetic fiber-wrapped foam cushioning, and a pair of matching toss pillows provide support. That, however, will be tomorrow’s project. The first thing I did was to take the cushions off of the sofa and bag them. Still, it was what I could afford, and it solved an immediate problem. Once that was done, I cut the back of the sofa upholstery off with the utility knife. If free shipping, is it curbside drop off or inside home drop off? The sofa position allows you to get cozy with its high-density foam fully supported by its Kiln Dried solid hardwood frame construction and fully supported by its defining chrome metal legs. Note that you’ve got to cut at least two inches from the corner to be sure you avoid staples and finishing nails, and it takes a surprisingly long time to cut through the wood, but in the end, it wasn’t too bad. Cutting through it with my little Sawzall would have been a lesson in frustration, and stripping all the upholstery and staples out to preserve the wood would have taken days, so I just resolved to ditch the entire front piece. Of course, there was cardboard behind the upholstery, so I cut that out, receiving my first of three injuries when I grabbed a section of cardboard containing one of about ten thousand staples. What a nice touch, as I was not expecting a handwritten note! It took way longer than it should have, but in the end, I prevailed and removed the suspension system from the sofa. I call Wayfair customer service, and the lady advises me to give it a few more days. Wayfair offered free fabric swatches for this particular couch for customers to make sure they are satisfied with the color prior to purchasing. Wayfair offered free fabric swatches for this particular couch for customers to make sure they are satisfied with the color prior to purchasing. It’s attached to the frame at the front and back of the sofa by about 18 screws. Did that twice and I had pieces that were short enough to bag. Now, as you might imagine, the couch that I wanted to order is a BOLD color. Take the screwdriver and loosen each lever and then raise it to release the seat backs. The Corwin is your trusted convertible for any living space. (The pink towel is my “blood towel” – I received injury #2 while bagging the sofa guts from the back of the sofa. It’s wrapped in polyester upholstery, and finished off with mid-century modern legs. Once the supports were disassembled we used gravity and our body weight to rip the pieces of the couch apart. As with many online retailers that do not have a storefront, you are usually responsible for the shipping costs to return the item. Here’s the first thing you should know about how to take apart a couch to throw away: It’s mostly cheap wood, staples, glue and…there’s actually a lot of cardboard.

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