Isaiah: Prophet, Seer, and Poet (1982), pp.19-25 Almost one-fifth of Isaiah's chapters and prophecies are directed specifically to foreign nations. The these things he refers to are not the desperate condition of Jerusalem and the temple (Isaiah 64:10-11). They are the descriptions of our sinful condition (Isaiah 64:5b-7). 14. In this lament we see a model for prayer that can move us forward to hope: A. 13-23, 46-47.) Isaiah 64:1-9 begins and ends with a request. What is the scriptural or historical context of this scripture: Isaiah prays for the coming of Christ. (Isa. So this could be a dry twig or melting. God’s faithfulness and the certainty of his final victory should motivate his people to pray and to be obedient (56:1–2; 62:1–64:12). The praying one concludes up the prayer with a great question. 8. he--Jehovah "said," that is, thought, in choosing them as His covenant-people; so "said" ( Psalms 95:10). Isaiah defines everything else by how it relates to God: ... 12. Isaiah 64 in the Picture Study Bible, with Maps and Background Information on Isaiah 64 (Bible History Online) While the voices of various historical factions might be identified within the lament, a collective voice emerges in the portion of the psalm that is the pericope selection. But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand. The wrath of God is to be feared above all else (9:19; 13:9, 13; 30:27; 34:2; 66:15–16). God coming towards his people in ways of mercy and deliverance, and this is to be joined to the close of the foregoing chapter, where it was said to Zion, "Behold, thy salvation comes;’’ for here it is shown how it comes ( v. 1-6 ). The praying one asks, "LORD, You know very well our sinful condition. 13. 5x in NT.This is to inquire, search, boil, or … Remember the Past Everybody has a past. (Isa. Major sections of other chapters are also set in the historical and sociopolitical context of his age. Isaiah 64 Chapter 63 In this chapter we have, I. God is guiding all of human history (41:1–4; 44:6–8; 46:8–11). 1x in NT.Root might mean to crackle. ... God was good not merely to the Jews now dispersed, but to Israel in every age of its history. Isaiah 64 lays bare the truth of a desperate people, a devastated people, a community that tried to cope with all the questions and cares and concerns that arose from years of oppression and exile. Outline. Isaiah 64:8 Posted on January 20, 2020 inPonderization. F “causes…to boil” = baah. Israel's penitential confession and prayer for restoration ( Psalms 102:17 Psalms 102:20), extending from Isaiah 63:7-64:12'. This community — whoever comprises it — ponders in lament form how God should respond to human guilt. 1-10, 28-39.) E “brushwood” = hemes. Reference: Richard J Maynes, October 2015 LDS General Conference.

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