One of the cases the local food movement makes is that food that travels far is not as nutritious. Retrieved from, Metcalf Foundation.Retrieved from Example Greater nutritional value in product. With globalization, food from one country is exported to other countries. My name is Chantelle. Sobeys or Walmart), They sell through the Ontario Food Terminal to thousands of businesses across Canada (be it restaurants, grocery stores or wholesalers) and have strong relationships with the buyers in the Food Terminal who import their product. Imported Products – Survey Report Leave a reply In order to move Indonesia from a consumption-based economy to a manufacturing one, the Indonesian government has introduced “local-content” laws which requires imported products to contain a certain percentage of local content, meaning that the item jeux gonflables pas cher is partly produced in Indonesia. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You can know exactly where your food is coming from pretty much right to the exact field! other food products as well, and alternately perturb the mix of domestic and imported food products by a marginal (equal) amount. Canada – At a Glance. Whether for pride of country or a want to see economic growth, Americans see value in buying local. Even though they buy local goods, it represents a small proportion of their offerings and they choose what price they pay the farmers. I agree with this view. ( Log Out /  The international agricultural process is responsible for 44%-57% of global greenhouse gas emissions and transportation contributes to a portion of that, It’s fresher and tastes better. To make the biggest local economic impact on your food budget, seek out producers who pay their workers a fair wage and practice social justice in their business. tomatoes) and which may not reach the consumer for a week or more after harvest (e.g. Promotion of biodiversity Local food VS Imported food Major : Chinese Name :Bo Young Kim 435 fossil-fuel long Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN reason 1 – Imported food is cheap – with example) Some countries have developed food as an industry and this enables them to produce it at a very cheap price. Chantelle RushtonCaroline Chisholm College 2. Earthbound or Dole), They are contracted to grow directly for a large grocery store chain (e.g. (n.d.). local food imported food short Reduction of Carbon footprint. Local produce is harvested at its prime and can be on the shelf within a day or two unlike imported produce some of which is harvested underripe (e.g. Local food supports the local economy. I am a student in Year 10 I live in Western studying Agriculture. Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN reason 1 – Imported food is cheap – with example) There have been numerous studies in recent years showing that non-local food, especially imported food, which is making up a larger and larger percentage of Americans’ diets, has a much higher emissions impact than locally produced food. Retrieved October 31, 2014, from, Local and Urban Agriculture | The Center for Health and the Global Environment. Local vs. Visit a farmers' market near you and meet a farmer! I will use California as an example because a large portion of our produce imports come from there. LOCAL VS IMPORTED FOOD. You can also check out farm websites to learn about the farms and the families behind them! It feels good to support a local business owner, wearing a ‘Made in America’ tag, dining at a non-chain restaurant, splurging on a farm to table meal. They sell directly to wholesalers who distribute product around the province. IMPORTED VERSUS LOCAL PRODUCTS: WHY AND HOW PEOPLE RESPOND AGAINST DIFFERENT CATEGORIES? Hi there! Imported Food | Live Lighter.” Vail Farmers Market. Proponents of local food production have long argued that you drastically decrease your carbon footprint by eating locally-sourced food. (n.d.). (n.d.). lettuce). It brought up some really interesting points and statistics about the economic and environmental impact of local vs imported food. Local produce is harvested at its prime and can be on the shelf within a day or two unlike imported produce some of which is harvested underripe (e.g. “Local Food vs. Imported organic produce is typically grown on very large scale, mono-crop farms (meaning they grow just one or two crops) and generally one of the following is true in their relation to Canada. Imported food – Just what does it mean to Australia by Chantelle Rushton 1. Domestic Foods: Eating Cheap. Preference for Local vs. Some people think that this impacts the local economy since imported food is often cheap and it leads to the drain of wealth outside the country. Local Food VS Imported Food. Forums Essay, Paragraph, Dialog & other Composition Writing 0; Today, people are more particular over kinds of food that they have a high demand for various food produced in different areas. Continue to 9 of 9 below. This means buying directly from your farmer or a locally owned business. One stat that blew me away was that the difference in greenhouse gas emissions between locally grown and imported food was a tiny percentage – less than 1% of total emissions from food per household. I hope everyone considers this, and takes it into appreciation of knowing that locally grown foods are better than imported foods. On average imported food travels 2,500 km before it reaches your plate. 5 unique squash to try and tasty new recipes, Ever since I've had their carrots - I can't buy any carrots in stores, even organic ones, Civil Eat - Buy Local, It’s Not Just About the Food, They are owned by a large company who packages product (e.g.

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