AVASYS® was developed to enable uniform, simple operation from a single operating station (GUI = Graphical User Interface) as well as to enable any desired automatic action between the integrated subsystems. The presence of people (except for repair and maintenance work) is not only unnecessary, it can also be extremely dangerous to enter robot range of action unsupervised. As a result, even the most stringent security requirements for modern fire detection systems can be covered and fulfilled. They visualize, analyze and document your logistics processes in real time. However, because security guards cannot be everywhere at once, they are usually aided by video cameras. Detaillierte Fences at property limits also have to be kept in sight, as do parking lots, entrance areas and high-security areas. PKE also offers corresponding consulting for the optimal use of all AVASYS® functions involving access for your company. Our fully trained employees specialize in the planning, installation and maintenance of systems and receive training to remain up to date with the latest developments in the industry. A requested mutual lock of fire detector operation takes into account the exceptions listed in the standard. holding cell terminals, operating stations, intercom terminals and the central server, are connected using network technology. If a person is detected in these areas, an emergency shut-down must be triggered immediately. Power Window Kit . into its video management system (AVASYS® video) and managing them using standardized interfaces (e.g. Confort Entry & Door Handle. The operator experiences a system that is convenient to use with divisions into distinct hierarchies and which can display a clear status for each area of responsibility at any time. The countless application areas of video analysis cover both the fields of security and safety. Unlike many systems on the market, the font size and coloring on AVASYS® is selected in order that standard compliance for VDU workstations is maintained even on the smallest recommended screen size. PKE is certified to install public address and evacuation systems in accordance with EN 54-16 and EN60849 and has the expertise to construct systems for the strictest security requirements. auf Ihre Interessen zugeschnittene Inhalte zur Verfügung zu stellen. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website Online, offline and wireless systems are all supported. Detailed information about the use of cookies on Globally active logistics specialists across Europe trust our solutions for visualizing, analyzing and documenting dynamic processes and their interfaces between humans and machines. Smart key RFID PKE Car Alarm system with PKE, touch password entry and shock sensor alarm One-button start: Oil pump detection, remote start, remote unlock and lock, mute fortification, anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, and parking lock // Fast, secure responses // Intuitive operation // Large number of supported peripherals // Highest availability // Highest reliability // Tailor-made customer solutions. Terms of Use One real-world example would be an installation in a fully automated high-bay warehouse. into its security management system (AVASYS®) and controlling them using deeply integrated interfaces. As a result, even the highest security requirements for modern burglar alarm systems can be covered and fulfilled. live monitoring of one camera / multiple cameras, evaluations, video retrieval, etc.) - The video display in AVASYS® allows for videos to be switched on automatically in case of an alarm, defined sequences to be played back and cameras to be switched on manually. In our R&D department we strive to give you the highest quality product with reasonable price.

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