[15][16], The London and South Western Railway arrived in 1839 from London, and within a year it was extended to Winchester and Southampton. Proposals include a stadium for Basingstoke Town FC and Basingstoke RFC which would be up to the standard of the Football League, a new 8 lane athletics track and hockey pitch, as well as a gym, swimming pool, hotel and conference facilities. The accompanying ward profile Excel file contains all the data presented in the profiles. His association with the expanding museum continued for forty years. It is about a 63-year-old man who also suffered from other ailments. Loam and alluvium recent and pleistocene sediments line the bed of the river Loddon. Postman tested positive for Covid-19 Basingstoke Gazette reports. please add a coronavirus case here for Basingstoke, See the [LIVE] global Coronavirus situation here, please add a coronavirus case here in a comment, See the [LIVE] global Coronavirus statistics here, 1076 confirmed coronavirus cases in El Centro, 1 confirmed coronavirus cases in Port Perry, 24 confirmed coronavirus cases in Velez-malaga, 4 confirmed coronavirus cases in Coconut Creek, 12 dead coronavirus cases in Santa Monica, 829 confirmed coronavirus cases in Curitiba, 3 confirmed coronavirus cases in Jamshedpur, 1 confirmed coronavirus cases in Fort William, 1 confirmed coronavirus cases in Aninoasa, 7 confirmed coronavirus cases in Durgapur, 1 confirmed coronavirus cases in Middelburg, 339 confirmed coronavirus cases in Calgary, 2 confirmed coronavirus cases in Uxbridge, 5 suspected coronavirus cases in Hinckley, 2 confirmed coronavirus cases in Farrukhabad, 1 confirmed coronavirus cases in Durgapur, 7 suspected coronavirus cases in Hennenman, 16 confirmed coronavirus cases in Ulhasnagar, 23 confirmed coronavirus cases in Chandannagar, 42 confirmed coronavirus cases in Carmichael, 57 confirmed coronavirus cases in Trollhattan, 1 confirmed coronavirus cases in Madanapalle. [35] The borough of Basingstoke was merged with other local districts in 1974 to form the borough of Basingstoke and Deane. Census information for Basingstoke and Deane can be found in the borough profile and individual ward profiles. ⚠️ Are there any coronavirus reports in Basingstoke, as of Monday, 23rd of November 2020? He established the museum in 1931 and with much public support was able to build it up into a major collection on local history, with a particularly extensive collection (largely made by him) of prehistoric implements and of antique clocks and watches. An 82-year-old man and a 78-year-old woman passed away at the hospital yesterday, according to Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. [28] The central part of the shopping centre was rebuilt in 2002 and reopened as Festival Place. [2] Basingstoke market was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, and it remained a small market town until the early 1960s. It still has a regular market, but is now larger than Hampshire County Council's definition of a market town.[3]. In the 2011 census the population of Basingstoke and Deane was 167,799 and is made up of approximately 50% females and 50% males. 12 Santa Monica residents had COVID-29 when they died. Basing, now Old Basing, a village 2 miles (3 km) to the east, is thought to have the same etymology, and was the original Anglo-Saxon settlement of the people led by a tribal chief called "Basa". The site of Winklebury camp was home to Fort Hill Community School (this school has shutdown). However, tabulated area figures refer to (typically smaller) actual built-up areas in order to present a more realistic population density. This service provides a daytime service at roughly 10-minute intervals throughout the week. 12,078 people did not state a religion. Started with grandaugher 9 months then her mum 20 me 49 and my son 32 all mild tempture caugh lasted 5 days 4 in bed. According to the 2016 population estimate the town had a population of 113,776. Bournemouth University's health and social care students can work on placement at the North Hampshire Hospital. 588 Active Basingstoke also has a swimming team,[52] known as the Basingstoke Bluefins and an American Flag Football Team known as the Basingstoke Zombie Horde. COVID-19 was the first victim in Cugir. It was found that he had been to the Koyambedu Market in Chennai last month. In the 8 May he was tested and the resulted was positive now is in Sibiu Hospital. The last census in England and Wales was held on 27 March 2011. The home ground of Basingstoke & North Hants Cricket Club, Mays Bounty was until 2000 used once a season by Hampshire County Cricket Club. 85.7% of people living in Basingstoke and Deane were born in England. There are two local newspapers – the Basingstoke Gazette, and the Basingstoke Observer. https://www.beautyofdurgapur.com/first-covid-19-positive-patient-found-in-durgapur/, There was an outbreak at Roideport(Gauteng) of a suspected patiant who ran away from there to Hennenman to spread the COVID-19, New Case Has Been Found And Currently Confirmed Patients Has Been Reported Negative Now. Basingstoke (/ˈbeɪzɪŋstoʊk/ BAY-zing-stohk) is the largest town in the county of Hampshire. Raw data from the 2011 Census can be downloaded from the suggested websites on the useful links webpage. My eldest lasted 10 days . These cross-cutting highways, along with the good agricultural land hereabouts, account for the many “Roman” villas in the area, mostly put up by Romanized native nobility (Roman villa). of coronavirus in Basingstoke. … The town has four nightclubs, two in the town itself, one on the east side and one 2 miles (3.2 km) out to the west. -. [citation needed], Plans have recently[when?] [59], Basingstoke is served by regional radio stations The Breeze serving North Hampshire and parts of Surrey and Sussex and Heart Berkshire, broadcast from Reading and London also provides regional coverage in the area. [5][d] The ending -stoke means outlying settlement or possibly refers to a stockade that surrounded the settlement in early medieval times (of which there is now no trace). During the Civil War, and the siege of Basing House between 1643 and 1645, the town played host to large numbers of Parliamentarians. If not, please view our Cookies policy to learn how to manage your preferences. Plans to reconnect Basingstoke with the surviving sections of the Canal have been delayed several times in the past and this remains a long term aim of the Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society. h�bbd``b`n�s@�-�`�bE�$.�X*@"� ����g��^ Y���7� 0 Other top answers for country of birth were 1.8% Scotland, 1.3% Wales, 1.0% India, 0.7% … [citation needed], Basingstoke is recorded as a weekly market site in the Domesday Book, in 1086, and has held a regular Wednesday market since 1214. As you can read from the link provided there is little to NO testing. Almost a quarter (24.7%) of the population is aged under 20 (42,960 people). The town's nightlife is split between the new Festival Square, and the traditional hostelries at the Top of Town, with a few local community pubs outside the central area. Situated in a valley through the Hampshire Downs at an average elevation of 88 metres (289 ft)[30] Basingstoke is a major interchange between Reading, Newbury, Andover, Winchester, and Alton, and lies on the natural trade route between the southwest of England and London. There are 2 deaths caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus Basingstoke. and proceedures. [84], "Basingstoke" is a code word in Gilbert and Sullivan's 1887 comic opera Ruddigore, used by the "bad baronet" after he reforms, to remind his bride "Mad Margaret" of their plan to live lives of boring respectability. Basingstoke has a football club, Basingstoke Town F.C., the Basingstoke Rugby Football Club and the Basingstoke Bison ice hockey team. The M3 acts as a buffer zone to the south of the town, and the South Western Main Line constrains the western expansion, with a green belt to the north and north-east, making Basingstoke shaped almost like a kite. [46] Aside from a wide range of shops, there is also a range of cafés and restaurants as well as a large multiscreen Vue cinema (formerly Ster Century from Festival Place's opening until their takeover in 2005; the pre-existing Vue in the Leisure Park was sold to Odeon). Similarly, with regard to religion, there was a big change: those declaring themselves as Christian declined in ten years from 74 per cent to 60 per cent. [81] In 2014 a group named Basingstoke Community Churches covered an area of six churches in the town. Due to difficulty finding a suitable venue, the team practice in nearby Whitchurch. And in 1974 the National Film Board of Canada produced a documentary here called Basingstoke – Runcorn: British New Towns. [20], Ordinary citizens were said to be shocked[21] by the emotive, evangelical tactics of the Salvation Army when they arrived in the town in 1880, but the reaction from those employed by the breweries or within the licensed trade quickly grew more openly hostile.

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