It's as flavorful and varied as an actual fajita. That's okay– It will be gobbled up before tomorrow! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Drizzle the sauce mixture over and around the chicken thighs. Really wish the instructions were more step by step and had the amount of each ingredient in the beginning. Sweet, sticky, and every bit as good as the takeout chicken you're used to ordering, this meal is bound to be a hit with the entire family. I like really food with a lot of flavor so I made the recipe as-is with the exception of the seasonings. As always be careful not to burn it or it can taste bitter. A can of condensed cream of celery soup, cream of bacon soup, or cream of onion soup would also be a nice twist. If you prefer white meat, feel free to use 2-3 bone-in or boneless, skinless chicken breasts -- just make sure that you don't overcook the breasts or they will become tough and dry. Bake in oven until rice is tender and chicken is cooked through, about 35 minutes. Heat olive oil a large oven safe pot over medium-high heat (I use a 6-quart enameled pot). Tender chicken thighs, broccoli and perfectly cooked rice smothered with cheese of course. Instant Pot Vegetable Recipes and Cook Times. Break out the slow-cooker and make one of these delicious chicken thigh recipes. Plus, who doesn’t love the ease of throwing ingredients into a pot and being able to walk away while dinner cooks? Do it early, you’ll have a lot more luck that way for sure. I'd also use a larger cooker if you intend to double the rice. “Just one bite” was always required, and they gained an appreciation for the tastes that way. 8 hrs and 10 mins I don't recommend using any other type of rice. Dab thighs dry with paper towels, season both sides with salt and pepper. Fresh herbs and crisp veggies make it super refreshing. Thanks! Then pour in your diced onions, then broccoli florets, and cheese on top of that so it is spread out evenly in layers. Really looking forward to it! Add garlic and saute 1 minute longer. With some modification this could work with bone-in, skin on chicken breasts as well you just won’t be able to fit as many. This is a slow cooker chicken thighs and potatoes recipe. Another comfort food staple for the recipe book! Bone-in split chicken breasts usually takes from 2-3 hours on low. I’ve been eyeing this for quite a while now since I make a ton of casseroles. Really enjoy your take on food. A side dish like a salad, or steamed vegetables are a great option here. Salt and pepper; Red onion: Yellow onion works great here as well. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The slow cooker came with a Campbell’s booklet of recipes. By adding the instant rice at the very end on HIGH heat for about 20 minutes, you get perfectly cooked, fluffy rice. This buffalo chicken dip couldn't be easier, and it's a perfect big-batch appetizer. I think you’ll want to cook the boneless skinless chicken thighs for a shorter period of time (maybe 10 – 15 minutes less) I would remove them return the rice to keep cooking. Since Crock Pot dinners need to be easy and fast, this recipe takes advantage of two cans of condensed soup to add flavor and to create a thick, creamy texture. Maybe my crock just runs too hot? this recipe sounds delicious but unless i make this on the weekends ill end up over cooking it if i start it in the morning and come home after a 10 hour day. Required fields are marked *. Stir the rice into the slow cooker, add the shredded chicken back on top, and cook on HIGH for about 20-25 minutes (until the rice is tender). Sorry to hear about the rice Dawn.

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