WHY YOU SHOULD GO . These cave-homes cost the same as a normal house, and don't require aircon. The other is how Dan Brown managed to pinch the town's conspiracy theories and turn them into a bestseller. Check out a talent show at The Range, Slab City's version of a nightclub, to appreciate the true uniqueness. These places are really weird – and they're definitely worth seeing for yourself. Or a giant tortoise? Pack your camera, because there are several hundred designs to photograph. Time your visit to coincide with the Khovsgol Ice Festival in March. It's a good thing. To see what happens when Americans ditch the trappings of modern life. That Dubai now has a 154-storey skyscraper and a ski resort is phenomenal. Entire cities or countries can be weird. Why tour the world seeking history and culture when it's all been crammed together here? Because this is England – only you don't have to go all the way to England. Be there at dusk to see the flames at their best. Colonies of seals occupy Cape Fria and Cape Cross, while desert elephants roam the interior. To sunbathe in one of the most allegedly dangerous places in the world. See www.visitberlin.de, Thanks to the scorching heat and solid rock, many of Coober Pedy's 1600 residents live in "dugout" houses below ground. Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. Wycliffe Well is the self-proclaimed "UFO Capital of Australia", though it's hard to say how many sightings there have been. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Lake Atitlan can be reached from the tourist town of Antigua. See www.visitmexico.com, See also: 10 of the world's darkest festivals. Then more were added, and more, to the point where now,  about 185 years later, there are   more than 100,000 crucifixes, effigies and carvings on the Hill of Crosses. No one is quite sure what motivated the Nazca people of central Peru to scratch out, over about a thousand years, a series of huge and perfectly rendered pictures in the rocky desert floor. See www.sedlecossuary.com, Anyone who has ever harboured fantasies of hiding out in a Russian war bunker and firing nuclear weapons at the US would be: a) a bit of a problem; and, b) perfectly catered to at Bunker 42, a Stalinist headquarters turned Moscow tourist attraction. It doesn't get much eerier than walking through the ruins of Rhyolite, a mining town in Nye County, Nevada, that has been deserted since 1920. Museums can be weird. The Door to Hell is in Darvaza, a four-hour drive from Ashgabat. There are fetish dens in Roppongi, and a Robot Restaurant of Shinjuku. There is no other place on Earth like it. See www.barcelonaturisme.com, See also: Seven of the world's best cities we love the most, This series of pillar-like rock formations would be weird enough on its own, but people actually live here. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. ", See also: The 13 best cities you've never thought of going to, See also: The world's most liveable cities. Geologists set it on fire as a way of controlling it, and it has been burning ever since. In winter, however, it's an enormous block of ice upon which games including tug of war, wrestling, and horse-drawn sleigh races are staged. The Hill of Crosses is three hours north-west of Vilnius. See www.visitcalifornia.com, The city's slogan is "keep Portland weird", and its residents take that seriously. While much of the folklore around this part of the Caribbean fails any rigorous examination, it's fun to indulge in the pretence. They're all in the Galapagos. Because there is no better way to pay respects to the dead than with tequila.

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