70% reflectance for ceiling, 50% for wall and 20% for floor (General standard for white/light coloured walls) For R.I. = 1.8 and reflectance code = 752, Utilization Factor(U.F) = 0.66. Determine Minimum spacing between luminaire, 6. For convenience, it is usually given as three options: When a surface is illuminated by a number of lamps, there is certain amount of wastage due to overlapping of light waves. Office is being used for general office duties including some computer use. Darren Smith of Philips Lighting explains: Consultation, Consultation, Consultation… the British are renowned worldwide for their embracing of this notion in Government. And here's some amazing content. UF= utilisation factor, MF= maintenance factor, 5. Utilization Factor or Co-efficient of utilization. For example, Table -2 gives the utilization factor UF for a fluorescent luminaire with single 40W lamp and prismatic diffuser0011 mm length for different values of the room reflection coefficients: C – ceiling reflection, W- wall reflection, F- floor reflection. It may be defined as “the ratio of illumination under normal working condition to the illumination when everything is clean or new” i.e. Reflectance code for classroom = 752. i.e. It's very engaging. Fold table lamp aluminium 2x6.5W 18V. Maintenance factor: 1.0 Ceiling mounted UGR diagram 4.0 4.0 8.0 8.0 12.0 12.0 16.0 16.0 m m X Y h : 2.8 m Refl: 0.70 0.50 0.20 Ceiling mounted: viewed endwise: viewed crosswise Y: Parallel to viewing dir. The utilization factor tables are useful for determining the number of luminaires of the same kind to be used within the room given an average illuminance value. IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS IN ELECTRICAL LIGHTING DESIGN: The following are some of the definitions which we come across in the design of electric lighting scheme. 23/01/2015. Reflective surfaces include mirrors, glass and wall paint. The working plane height is 0.8m. 4) Maintenance factor is 0.63, Utilisation factor is 0.69, The office measures 10*7 m with a floor to ceiling height of 3m. 3) Each lamp has an initial output of 85 lumen per watt. 'Exciting' - 'Appealing' - 'Inviting' - 'New' - 'Different' - all these are ingredients for a successful lighting solution. If your light bounces back off a mirror, it appears brighter and increases the utilization factor of that particular room. As LEDs rapidly become the light source of choice, it’s important for installers and wholesalers to have confidence in the products they choose. Product tests and other information of over 20 partners in the industry. Determine Minimum spacing between luminaire. In our increasingly connected world, lighting systems have a pivotal role to play that goes far beyond illumination. Hm= Mounting height. Apply Energy Efficiency and Sustainability filter, Apply Smart Homes & Building Automation filter, Distribution Equipment including Cable Management, Electrical Heating, Ventilation & Control, Getting connected – lighting beyond illumination, as Philips shows, Part L 2013 – Consultation – a retrospective on lighting by Philips, Part L 2013 – consultation – a retrospective from Philips Lighting, Voltimum Advent Calendar 2006- 4th December, sponsored by Philips, Philips explains how to check that LEDs are up to standard, eHiD Flat Outdoor Xtreme- Philips Lighting Spring Collection 2013, Philips floodlighting projects honoured at Lighting Industry's EMILAS Awards 2010, Philips says that lighting should be the first choice for energy efficiency and cutting carbon, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (12). It is given by: Where L is the length of the room, W is its width, and Hm is the mounting height above the work plane. It may be defined as “the ratio of total lumens received on the working plane to the total lumens emitted by the light source”.i.e. It’s value varies from 0.5 to 1, 6)     LUMINOUS EFFICIENCY OR SPECIFIC OUT PUT, It may be defined as “the ratio of number of lumens emitted to the electric power in take of a source” it’s unit is lumen/watt (lm/W), 7)     SPACING TO MOUNTING HEIGHT RATIO (SHR). Reflective surfaces affect the utilization factor because they increase the brightness of lighting.

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