In December 1996, it was revealed the game was being ported to the PlayStation by Neversoft. [30] Upon reaching Earth, the streams disgorge gigantic "Minecrawlers", city-sized vehicles designed to strip mine the natural resources from a planet, crushing anything in their path. [23], Because the PC version was still months away from completion when work on the PlayStation port began, the Neversoft team had to continually adjust their work in response to updates they received from Shiny. I wanted something with more flair and elegance. "[24] Reviews widely praised the sniper mode,[55][24][47][57] graphics,[55][24][57] and overall unique gameplay and style. MMC - Multi-Media Changer. [24], The enemies in MDK are a collective of aliens called "Streamriders" under the command of Gunter Glut. Hectic?" It's used all over and I know what it does but I can't find an explanation of why it's called "mdk" (which might be helpful in documenting my own build rules, to explain at point of use why it's being pulled in) However, the developers were never interested in making a first-person shooter. [7], Bruty's first image for the game was a doodle of an armor suit with a self-contained machine gun, and a helmet that could be used as a sniper rifle. MDK is a 1997 third-person shooter video game developed by Shiny Entertainment for Microsoft Windows.It was ported to Mac OS by Shokwave, and to the PlayStation by Neversoft.It was published on all systems by PIE in North America, with Shiny Entertainment publishing it themselves in Europe. [38] In designing the suit, Bruty stated "At the time most of the other action games out there were very clunky and hardcore-looking. Fluke Hawkins believes he has made a revolutionary discovery; an outer space phenomenon he calls "Flange Orbits". The game's original system requirements were a 60 MHz Pentium (although 90 MHz was recommended), 16MB of RAM, 17MB of hard drive storage for basic installation (37MB for full installation), an SVGA compatible video card, and a Sound Blaster or equivalent sound card; very basic specs even for the time. I knew straight away that this was what I wanted to do next. Fluke Hawkins, and a robotic two-legged/four-armed dog named Bones, Kurt must infiltrate each Minecrawler, and fight his way to the pilot, whom he must then kill before returning to Hawkins' in-orbit space station, the Jim Dandy. He commented that it stands out from other games with its requisite parachuting skills, sniping mode, bombing minigame, and acerbic sense of humor. [8], During the run-and-gun gameplay, the player must frequently use Kurt's "ribbon chute", a parachute contained within his outfit that can be used indefinitely. The game was released on in September 2008,[4] and on Steam in September 2009.[5]. "[43] He also argued the huge levels and more colorful environments than usually seen in PC shooters meant the game should stand out from the competition; "this is tons more work than most people are used to seeing a PC do. [50] In a 2009 interview with NowGamer, David Perry revealed that because the North American publisher PIE was supposed to make toys based on the game, they did not like the title, so the words were removed and simply replaced with "MDK". What does MDK mean? [14] Another early concept which was scrapped was that sniper mode would only be available to the player during the boss fight at the end of each level. Acronym Finder has 17 verified definitions for MDK [56] Game Revolution's called the game "Non-stop 3D shooting, killing, exploding, dodging, parachuting, running, ambushing, assassinating, jumping, mind blowing action!" [45] This version was bundled with the original iMac. Great puzzles, but they're really pretty simple, and the whole game can be solved without using too many brain cells. [16] Some levels feature Kurt taking over an enemy bombing ship and performing bombing runs, some feature a glider which Kurt must ride to a specific location. In 2011 on the official forum for the game, Nick Bruty (creator of MDK) posted that the letters do indeed stand for "Murder Death Kill". We did our best to make that look like a design choice, or shadows, but it was a tricky balance. privacy statement. [17], Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) and IGN both strongly approved of the quality of the PlayStation port, particularly citing the retention of all the content of the PC version and the addition of the new warp rooms. [7], The story of the game begins in 1996 when inventor/scientist Dr. Kurt is extremely unhappy with this development, but once Hawkins shows him how to program the VCR, he calms down. An animated TV series based on MDK, to be produced by Mainframe Entertainment, was announced with plans to air in the fourth quarter of 1998,[62][63] but it was never realized. However, when he approaches the scientific community with his discovery, he is ridiculed. Every level in the game was designed primarily by a different level designer, which is why every level looks and feels so different from all the rest. [26] However, after a week, Hawkins realizes Flange Orbits do not actually exist, but rather than return to Earth in shame, he decides to remain on the Dandy to try to discover something, anticipating another week in space. We're going to be doing some lighting effects that they don't have the power to do on the PC. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. For mdk we have found 79 definitions. When trying to think of his first name, they wanted to name him after someone who lived a notoriously hectic life, and settled on Kurt Cobain. [36] Unlike previous motion capture games, however, the motion scripts for individual limbs were split up, allowing the developers to mix and match them and thus build a greater variety of animations. He concluded "MDK combines sweet graphics and 'revolutionary' gameplay and design concepts to put it in a class by itself. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Once the model was in the game it was "generated using texture-mapped polygons and then animated using the information gathered from the motion capture system." What does MDK stand for? However, he was already developing Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and so BioWare was hired to develop the game. Once he had this concept in place, he wrote a rough draft of the story, and brought together a small team of people with whom he had worked before; programmer Andy Astor, designer Tim Williams, artist and designer Bob Stevenson, animator Shawn Nelson and, later, programmer Martin Brownlow. [22] Kurt does not actually see out of the helmet, rather, he sees out of a HUD, which he uses to aim. [14], In addition to the run-and-gun/sniper modes, there are several additional gameplay modes in MDK. MDK2 was published for Windows and the Dreamcast in 2000, and for the PlayStation 2 (as MDK 2: Armageddon) in 2001. I think that Microcontroller Development Kit refers to Keil's IDE product, not the "middleware" of Nordic's software in this repo. He sends a warning down to Earth (along with some of Max's oranges), but is ignored. They set a target of maintaining a constant frame rate of at least 30fps at all times on all machines, and so they simply play-tested the game multiple times. [15] As he descends, the Minecrawler activates its radar, which, if touched, triggers the launch of anti-air missiles, which must be dodged. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. MIR - Multi-Information Radio. [35] Once the decision was made to develop for the PC, the team quickly decided they wanted to make a game that would push the boundaries of PC gaming beyond anything seen up to that point.

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