We had 8 months together before he died suddenly. Nor does it mean that you need to find mutual romantic love with anyone else on this planet to feel completely happy and fulfilled. I can now understand your pain. Some people might think, "She's young. Then you both must be prepared to deal with the honest answers. Dating can be awkward and stressful at ANY time in your life, let alone trying to find a new soulmate or at least someone to spend enjoyable time with. I've been through hell and back, and I still make the journey quite often. Speaking of marriage, I am glad you know in your heart of hearts that your soul is capable of infinite love for other souls who are fortunate enough to encounter you during their own life journeys. Share that gift! First of all, life doesn’t end at death. Still have questions? Joy is sure to follow. Let her guide you to be the best you can be while you continue to give of yourself wholly and completely to the life (and people in your life) that you have today. Very sorry for that. There is nothing wrong with expanding your circle of platonic friends, male or female. The "tormenting feelings of hurt and loneliness" are definitely so severe that nothing else matters at the moment. She was having seizures on both sides of her brain and removing her frontal lobe would not do any good. May your heart and soul find renewed comfort and healing each and every day. We met when we was 15 had three kids before we was 21 and raised a village of kids. I struggle daily...even moment to moment on some days. His brother said he had stayed sober until about 4 months ago. Every part of my body hurts. My spiritual has excepted the fact that he is gone but my physical is having a hard time excepting it. She was my best friend, my wife, my kids mother and my grandkids grandmother, really she was awesome at everything always went 10 times expectations. I blocked out the pain so deeply. But to forever close your heart to others would be a real shame. Almost immediately, I met a man who possessed many qualities I had become accustomed to with Jim but added qualities that made me feel like a school girl. Why would God take away our futures from us? Does God not designate a soulmate for those that will die before marriage? The connection that soulmates share is so strong that it brings them together time and time again. Rest assured, you can move forward - your beloved knows how much you loved him and still love him to this day. Destiny would lead you to your soulmate, alive and kicking. I will not allow this article or any person I come across in life to either bully me or guilt me into dating again especially by trying to use "what would he say". My soulmate passed two years ago. They are relying on you and your feelings as a guide for their own. This is not the time to bare all. I didn't know it at the time, but he was heavily drinking. How many of us have faced the reality of the death of a loved one in our lives? Every time. Answer: My short answer would have to be no. Are you aware that whatever small token of kindness (without any hidden agenda) you extend to another person is also helping to fortify their soul during their own tough journey through this sometimes brutal and perplexing life we all lead? Thank you for sharing your heartfelt feelings so eloquently. Today, I'm going to talk specifically about the death of a spouse and/or soulmate. What if your soul mate dies before you even meet them? Brought her ashes back home to fulfill a promise. At other times, I would just drop to the floor, curl up in a ball, and wail like a wounded animal until my stomach hurt so bad, I needed to stop. The men that you date WILL likely want to sleep with you, for example, so that is a tension of anticipation and longing on their part, and perhaps a tension of "By sleeping with him, I will betray my deceased husband," on your part. No one would understand the crushing grief I was experiencing. In the meantime, all of the opportunities to connect with other souls on this earth are passing you by unnoticed. Surgery to remove one of her frontal lobes. For some reason, these past few days a wave of grief has come over me. Feel free to provide more information. We worked to gather in our successful business . Perhaps. Please help! I don't know how I am supposed to feel. So I believe that when you are born, God has already designated a soul mate for you. There does come a time in modern medicine when even the best of doctors can do no more, except to keep a patient comfortable while they transition to their new life. I try. I haven't found someone yet, but I have so much love to give, and I know that my partner left behind a better woman than he had loved, with a better appreciation for people and the shortness of life. For more television talk, pop culture chat and general japery, you can follow her @keeneTV. I'm not to internet savvy so I some how managed to cut my story short. The perfect gentleman, so charming, so clever, he loved to dance, we danced almost every night, loved to cook, he taught me so much about life. Thank you for your private email. I have strong faith and great relationship with god. Well, for starters, it means accepting the reality of your loved one's physical death. I feel that I am fighting for myself and nobody truly understands my loss. True love transcends all things physical and is what sustains us through our incredible journeys, with or without our loved ones. Did you joke with a co-worker, friend, or a stranger on the subway? But I'm assuming u want to get married, and with that in mind ur soul mate is out their somewhere!

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