( Log Out /  The magnetic spacing is different than Fenders 52mm and their covers won’t work and neither do the 50mm import covers. This ethic is carried forward into the present generation of Fret-King Black Label and Artist series guitars. Facts attested to by some of the greatest players around the world. Overall, you’ll notice complete Alnico V warmth. At the other end of the spectrum, Trev was developing his signature Fret-King brand, handmade in the UK, and continuing to work with various manufacturers around the globe on a broad range of guitar and hardware related projects. As part of the Vintage ReIssued and ICON series design process, Trev’ specified carefully selected and matched Wilkinson hardware and electronics, but the real ‘magic dust’, the alchemy, was blending the creation of the recipe and the adoption and application of decades of production knowledge, honestly applied, with the sole purpose of achieving Trev’s constant goal; to make great guitars. Mon-Fri; 30 Day Returns Buy With Confidence; Worldwide Shipping Low Rates & Fast Delivery; Click & Collect In under 1 hour The middle pickup is reverse wound to 6.5k yielding beautiful strat “quack” in the positions 2 and 4. The bridge is hotter at 7k and offers great tone for lead work. we are particularly excited about our new E-Z-Lok(patented) tuner post, At last there is an econmical alternative to Wilkinson Custom Loaded Prewired Pickguards at http://www.PickersParts.com. In stock, ready to ship! You won’t find this set to be too hot offering a truly calibrated stratocaster tone, which many other manufacturers charge twice as much for. Trev remains connected to his “fretted offspring” and continues to cooperate with JHS on a project-based basis in respect of product design and an advisory one in relation to incorporating and designing Wilkinson branded electronics and hardware for JHS guitar brands. Once again, the goal was achieved and the Encore line features guitars which punch so far above their weight, they really do have to be seen, played and enjoyed to fully understand just how much has been achieved. ( Log Out /  The tone on this is incredible. Pickguard kaufen. Item # 3533. Indeed, the Wilkinson VS50 vibrato gave the guitars such an edge in tuning stability and functionality that the Encore Vintage Series outperformed guitars more than five times the price. Due 1+ month. Not too bright with a great balance from a tight bottom end. Trev Wilkinson has long been licensing his quality designs on guitar equipment for decades. The Vintage design team’s relentless quest for innovation, authentic tone, outstanding playability and great looking instruments delivers true working musicians tool’s. The set responds very well clean and when pushed with overdrive, offers a smooth creamy tone. Again, Encores are “Keepers”, as millions of players will confirm. Trevor Wilkinson makes some no nonsense kit at a decent price. He’s also always had a very keen interest in getting guitars which would always be “keepers” into the hands of folks just starting out on their journey to guitar stardom. The neck pickup is wound to a resistance of 6.3k which is a slightly hot but good output resistance for a neck. Vintage® guitars are designed in the UK and built to exacting standards using only the best quality hardware, pickups and tone woods. This, the “Vintage ReIssued” and “Vintage ICON” projects were born. Change ). Wilkinson has established himself as a reputable parts designer yielding quality parts for custom projects without leaving a dent on your pocket book. As an experiment I put in 2 Firebird AlNiCos instead of the ceramic stock magnets. You’ll instantly hear that vintage Alnico warmth. In stock, ready to ship! A regular fixture at musical instrument trade shows around the world, Trev kept in touch with the JHS team and in 2006, alongside JHS MD Dennis Drumm, set out to prove just what could be achieved when decades of experience in guitar design, construction and manufacturing were combined with a formidable knowledge of hardware, pickups and electronics design and a burning desire to build world beating product. So as you can see its not dainty and won’t yield super bright tone providing  just enough umph without being over the top. Hallo, wo kann ich diese Wilkinson Pickups inkl. Item # 3533-G. In stock, ready to ship! To many, an Encore represents what is probably the single most important guitar anyone buys; their first one. I take it you meant to say the middle was slightly hotter than the NECK..? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cannot ship outside US. Danke. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Owned and distributed to the trade throughout the world by JHS®, Registered in England & Wales(No. Electric Guitar Parts; Electric Guitar Bridges + Tailpieces; Electric Guitar Tremolos; Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo; Previous Next. Vintage instruments are the first choice for everyone from the first time player, all the way to the seasoned pro. Trev Wilkinson has long been licensing his quality designs on guitar equipment for decades. ). As time went on and the Vintage ReIssued project matured, and Trev turned his attention to reworking the JHS Encore electric guitar line, where the challenges, at entry level, were even greater. $1,282.35 . 863562)VAT Registration No.GB168841625, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh, press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Many Fender pickups tend to be between 5.5 and 6k while comparatively and SSL-1 by Seymour Duncan is at 6.5k. Free Shipping On Orders Over £50; Next Day Delivery Order By 3p.m. Indeed, the Wilkinson VS50 vibrato gave the guitars such an edge in tuning stability and functionality that the Encore Vintage Series outperformed guitars more than five times the price. I purchased these because I assumed they were a traditional locking tuner. As a result, Trev is a master exponent of the black art of the subtleties and nuances of building truly great guitars, either in a one off custom context, or in serial volume production. Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo 35 Reviews; Chrome. In stock, ready to ship! I have purchased and installed several sets. With well over five decades of experience in guitar design, construction and manufacturing, during which Trev has also developed a highly focussed expertise in guitar hardware and pickups ’n’ electronics design, he has firmly established his reputation as one of the industry’s leading experts on the history of the electric guitar and the early originators and innovators, understanding what they knew, how and why they did what they did and how it changes the face of the guitar. Trev has always built one-offs, designed prototypes for a multitude of companies, and been a “go-to” guy amongst the guitar playing cognoscenti who wanted something uber special. The introduction of the Encore Vintage Series Standard, Custom and Custom Deluxe guitars featured premium woods and cosmetics, genuine Lace Sensor pickups, Grover 205 tuners and, yes, a genuine Wilkinson vibrato; the range was priced from just £199.00, setting a new and very high benchmark in the hugely competitive “bang for the buck” electric guitar sector. They are not. Ever approachable, ever inquisitive, Trev’s skills as a player, builder, repairer and guitar collector, along with his engagement with countless players of note helped him to identify the inherent shortcomings of aspects of guitar design, developing ingenious solutions to age old problems which offered much better functionality.

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