They include content specific to each profession and reference information a professional may look up over the course of a normal day. What thickness of air will shield 5 MeV alpha particle radiation? He is also responsible for Mathematica, a computer system used by scientists the world over. Do you suppose that I need to at least give the opportunity to work some shorter ones before moving to the more complicated. Punkin’Chuckin’ is the art of hurling pumpkins (or multiple pumpkins) great distances with smartly engineered, often homemade, devices such as trebuchets and catapults. In addition to time travel, Looper depicts widespread solar power and almost ubiquitous telekinesis. Unsubscribe anytime. For example, asking Wolfram|Alpha “At what thickness of lead is 3 MeV gamma radiation halved in intensity?” immediately returns the thickness of the lead sheet as the result. These are the kinematics of a merry-go-round, a spinning top, or the orbit and rotation of the Earth. The Network Admin Professional Assistant is a useful addition to a network admin’s IT toolbox, whether at home or on the job. Our ever-growing family of Wolfram|Alpha-powered iOS apps is gaining two new additions today, including the first in our new Professional Assistant series, as well as another entry in our Wolfram Course Assistant Apps. As one of the oldest subjects in science, the work here serves as a basis for less familiar areas such as relativity and quantum mechanics. Proponents of loop quantum gravity in particular lament the predominance of string theory within the physics community. Physics studies features of the universe, ranging from natural to manmade phenomena. Mathematica can do a lot of different computations. Electrostatic and magnetostatic potentials for squares, cubes, and cuboids typically contain only elementary functions, but the expressions themselves are often quite large compared with simple systems with radial symmetry. Space may be a complex mesh of points connected by a simple rule that is iterated many times. As we all know by now, Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine. For an example of a goal-less problems, see this problem (which tell the kids what to do. Here's an example of a HW set for my AP class which has a gradual progression of problems. Easy and complicated ones, numeric and symbolic ones, applied and theoretical ones, small and large ones. While each sub part is relatively easy to solve in WolframAlpha, figuring out how the sub parts fit together is the physics, so that is what I want to focus on. More ». Next, add a simple rule: every person adds three friends. Many of the additions presented in the post were the result of previous suggestions from Wolfram|Alpha users. , Calculates charge to mass ratio (q/m) for electrosprays. These statements are gradually removed as the year progresses):, And also this example and the successive problems: spring pendulum l0=0.12m, li=0.24m, thetai=80deg, Atkinson cycle Tc=150C, Th=900C, compression ratio=3, single slit diffraction d=1/16 inch, lambda=200nm, gravitational time dilation at 1000 km and 100 solar masses, Cerenkov radiation, 0.8MeV electron, n=1.4, Kepler's third law, 4 solar masses, 5 Earth masses, 2.5 AU, velocity of water hammer with pressure difference of 20 atm. MathWorld » The web's most extensive mathematics resource. On the other hand, the more you add, the more holes you’ll find as people search and then become frustrated when specific things they want aren’t available.

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